> < ^ Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1993 11:37:11 +0100
^ From: Werenfried Spit <SPIT@vm.ci.uv.es >
^ Subject: GAP for the Macintosh: for the impatient

For those who want to run gap on their macintosh but cannot wait until
it is ported there, there is an alternative. Recently a port of MiNT
for the macintosh was released. This is an implementation of an
alternative OS for the atari to run on the mac; it enables the user
to run atari programmes on a macintosh (as long as these programmes
don't use the atari specific graphics (GEM) libraries). It can run
the atari executable of gap.
You can get MacMiNT by gopher from june.jpl.nasa.gov.
Two more notes:
* You need to set the memory allocation of MiNT from 1300kByte to
something higher than 2Mbyte to be able to run gap.ttp
* MacMiNT is still only an alpha release, so it might be shaky (says
its author). I haven't had any problems upto now running gap, form
reduce and a C compiler.

A hint to gap-developers: a quick way to get a standalone version of
gap for the mac might be the approach of MacForm: this algebraic manipulation
programme was ported to the mac by making a little macintosh programme
that calls the atari ST executable of Form. In this way updates are
easily made since the mac front end need not be changed, and the compilation
of form is simple on the ST, just as in the case of gap (as explained in
chapter 47 of the gap manual).

Werenfried Spit
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