> < ^ Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 18:42:39 -0500 (GMT-0500)
< ^ From: Devon Roy Stoddart <dstoddrt@uwimona.edu.jm >
> ^ Subject: Installing Gap3

I have been trying to install Gap3, but I keep getting the remark " cannot
find lib/init.g" even though it is there.

I basically want to get the generators of the group formed by

F3 := FreeGroup("a","b","c");
S3 := F3 / [F3.2^-1*F3.3*F3.2^-1*F3.3*F3.1*F3.2^-1*F3.1,

a := S3.1;; b := S3.2;; c := S3.3;;
presentationDerivedSubgroupFpGroup := function(S3)
  local comms, gens,h,i,j,ngens,pres;
  gens := S3.generators;
  ngens := Length(gens);
  comms := [];
  for i in [1..ngens-1] do
    for j in [i + 1 .. ngens] do
      Add(comms, Comm(gens[i],gens[j]));
  h := Subgroup(S3, comms);
  pres := PresentationNormalClosureRrs(S3,h);

I think you simply use TzPrintGenerators(pres);
or you assign the function to a variable
m := presentationDerivedSubgroupFpGroup(S3);
then TzPrintGenerators(m);

If there is anyone who know the know how the correct the problem with the
init.g, I would appreciate getting the solution. However, if there is no
immediate solution and there is someone with gap3 already install and can
simply run a copy of the above function, I would truly appreciate it.
Additionally, I understand ElementaryDivisorsMat is still the same in Gap4
as is in gap3.


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