> < ^ Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 11:29:33 -0400 (EDT)
> ^ From: Craig Struble <cstruble@vt.edu >
^ Subject: Algebra in GAP

Hello, I am part of Hopf at Virginia Tech (http://hal.cs.vt.edu/hopf), a
project working on computational algebra, mostly non-commutative algebra.
We've been working (quietly) for the past year or so on a prototype for
our software (implemented in GAP 3) and are now beginning to design for
the next version which will be implemented in GAP 4. In our prototype,
some of what we've implemented are domains for path algebras, group
algebras, and tensors of algebras with associated element-wise operations,
connections to a non-commutative Groebner basis package, Opal, a
non-trivial class of Hopf algebras, and the Drinfel'd double construction
for that class of Hopf algebras.

Because our project relies heavily on algebras as domains in GAP, we would
like to get a sense of the current uses of the algebra support currently
in GAP 3 and 4 to help make our resulting software more useful not only
for our project, but for more general computational algebra problems. For
those who are using the algebra support in GAP, we would appreciate any
input you can give us. Here are some questions we would like to ask:

- For what applications do you use GAP's algebra support?
- For finite dimensional algebras, what range of dimensions
do you study (e.g., 10 dimensional algebras up to 100
dimensional algebras)?
- How frequently do you use GAP's algebra support?
- Do you use any other computational algebra packages? Which
one(s)? For what applications?
- Has GAP's algebra support ever failed to be a useful tool?
If so, in what ways did it fail?
- What suggestions do you have for ways the GAP support could be
supplemented and/or enhanced?

Please respond directly to me at cstruble@vt.edu. Thank you for your time.
Craig Struble (cstruble@vt.edu) Ph.D. Candidate, Virginia Tech
http://www.acm.vt.edu/~cstruble/ cstruble@vt.edu

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