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Dear GAP Forum,

It is my pleasure to announce the release of version 0.4 of Hopf, a
system extending GAP's capabilities in noncommutative associative
algebras and Hopf algebras. The release may be obtained from


by clicking on the "Software" link on the left side of the web page.
This release incorporates several bug fixes and adds support for the
decomposition of finite dimensional modules defined over path algebras
that are vector spaces over finite fields.

In upcoming releases, the Hopf team will be focused on preparing the
system for formal review as a share package. We would appreciate
feedback that will help us to improve the overall quality of the system
for that review.

During the next two weeks, I will be moving to a new position and will
have limited email access. Please be patient if you send email with a

The full README file is included below.

Craig Struble

The Hopf share package for GAP 4.2

Version 0.4; July 17, 2001
Copyright (C) 2001 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
Copyright (C) 2001 Virginia Tech Hopf Project. All rights reserved.


Hopf is designed as a GAP 4.2 share package providing new functions in
noncommutative algebra. Currently Hopf provides the following features:

- Path algebras and their quotients
- Matrix representations of path algebras and their quotients
- Connection to Opal for computing Groebner bases
- Projective modules over path algebras
- Modules over path algebras defined by projective presentations
- Endomorphism rings and homomorphism spaces of modules over path
- Decomposition of finite modules over path algebras
- Tensor products of vector spaces, algebras, and algebra maps
- Hopf algebras


The following should be included with this version of Hopf.

README - this file
LICENSE - the license governing Hopf usage
doc - the user manual
gap - the GAP source code
bin - location for opal
examples - code examples from the user manual
init.g - package initialization
read.g - package initialization
tests - tests for the package (empty)
noweb - Noweb literate program for Hopf


Hopf can be obtained from the project home page:


To use the Opal Groebner basis system, obtain Opal from the Opal home



The easiest installation is to place hopf_0.4.tar.gz in the `pkg'
directory of your GAP installation. Assuming ${GAPDIR} is the location
of your GAP installation, the following steps will unpack

cd ${GAPDIR}/pkg
gunzip hopf_0.4.tar.gz
tar xf hopf_0.4.tar.gz

A directory named `hopf' should now exist in ${GAPDIR}/pkg. To configure
Hopf to use Opal, first retrieve and install Opal from the web site
listed above. Assuming Opal is installed in ${OPALDIR}, the following
steps will configure Hopf to use Opal

cd ${GAPDIR}/pkg/hopf
./configure --gapdir=${GAPDIR} --opaldir=${OPALDIR}

If you do not have write access to the GAP installation, you can create
directory named `pkg' and follow the steps for unpacking hopf_0.4.tar.gz
replacing ${GAPDIR} with the directory containing the newly created
`pkg' directory. Configuration for Opal is the same, except that the
configure script is run from the `pkg/hopf' directory created while
unpacking Hopf. If ${PKGDIR} is the directory containing the `pkg'
directory you created, executing GAP with the command

gap -l "${PKGDIR}/;${GAPDIR}/"

Note that the terminating slashes are required by GAP. See the GAP
manual for more information regarding the -l command line option.

Using Hopf

The Hopf share package can be loaded in GAP with


See the user manual in the doc directory for more information regarding
the use of Hopf.


Send email to hopfinfo@pigweed.cs.vt.edu with questions or comments.

Craig A. Struble, Ph.D. cstruble@vt.edu
Visiting Assistant Professor http://www.cs.vt.edu/~cstruble
Computer Science, Virginia Tech

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