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Dear Gap forum,

Maybe someone in this list can help me: is there any software
available to compute invariant of permutation groups?

I guess I can do this :-) This is not directly related to GAP, but
since some persons on the GAP mailing list may be interested, I allow
myself to forward below the announcement for PerMuVAR 0.999.1.

By the way, I am planning to organize an informal workshop in France
at the end of next spring about computational aspects of invariants of
permutation groups (see http://permuvar.sourceforge.net/ for details).
Please contact me if you are interested!

Here are some other invariant theory packages, which work in the
general case of groups of matrices, but are not optimized for
permutation groups:

- package Invar for maple by G. Kemper
- package Invar in magma by A. Steel & G. Kemper
- biblioth=E8que Finvar pour Singular by Heydtmann
- biblioth=E8que SYMMETRY by Gatermann:

Have a nice week,

I am really pleased to announce the release of PerMuVAR 0.999.1

PerMuVAR is an open source library for the computer algebra system
MuPAD for computations in invariant rings of permutation groups. Its
main features are: computation of Hilbert series, Hironaka
decompositions, and minimal generating sets.


This is a one time announcement. If you want to receive further
notices of releases of PerMuVAR, please subscribe to the mailing list:

http://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/permuvar-announce =20

Note that I am thinking about porting PerMuVAR to GAP some day.

Nicolas M. Thi=E9ry "Isil", 412 Washington Avenue, 80403 Golden Colorado (U=
M=E9l: nthiery@mines.edu, T=E9l: (303)273-5492, Fax: (303)273-3875
WWW: <URL:http://www.mines.edu/~nthiery/>

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