> < ^ Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 17:35:58 +0100
> ^ From: Bjorn Vandenbergh <Bjorn.Vandenberghe@student.kuleuven.ac.be >
> ^ Subject: Subgroup Lattice??


I'm a last years student in mathematics and I'm making my thesis. The
name will probably be "Working algebraic with groups: an acquintance
with Gap". In this matter I'm studying the Lattice of subgroups of a
permutation group with Gap. I've read about the theory of lattices of
subgroups. But I cannot interprete the output of the command
LatticeSubgroups(G) with G the permutationgroup.

Here's an example: G is the group of permutations of the triangle in the

<subgroup lattice of Sym( [ 1 .. 3 ] ), 4 classes, 6 subgroups>

I don't understand how I can construct the full lattice when I know only
the number of Conjugacy Classes and the number of Subgroups.

Thank you for helping me

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