> < ^ Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 12:17:12 -0700
< ^ From: Charles Wright <wright@uoregon.edu >
^ Subject: KBMAG accepted

Dear GAP Forum members --

Let me call your attention to the GAP 4 package KBMAG--the name stands
for Knuth-Bendix on Monoids, and Automatic Groups--by Derek Holt, which
has recently been certified as "accepted" after going through the
package refereeing process. The package, which is enhanced from the GAP
3 package of the same name, is available as part of the standard GAP 4

KBMAG consists of a stand-alone package written in C, for use under
UNIX-like operating systems, with an interface to GAP. The interface
provides for the use of KBMAG with finitely presented groups, monoids
and semigroups defined within GAP. In some cases, KBMAG can be used to
prove infiniteness of such structures or to prove that a subgroup of a
finitely presented group has infinite index. The package also contains a
collection of routines for manipulating finite state automata, which can
be accessed via the GAP interface.

If your work is related to any of these structures, I invite you to
explore this package.

Charles R.B. Wright

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