> < ^ Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 13:04:30 +0100
> < ^ From: Martin Wursthorn <pluto@machnix.mathematik.uni-stuttgart.de >
< ^ Subject: compile errors on risc/6000

Dear gap-forum,

Peter Blanchard wrote:

I'm having trouble compiling version 3.3 of gap on our IBM risc/6000.
I'm wondering if anyone has done this? succesfully? Has anyone had problems
with 'redeclaration of strlen in system.c' errors on this or any other
platform? I haven't tried to the digest the preprocessor commands yet,
just thought maybe some else had already had this problem, or made my

on order to compile GAP3.3 on our IBM RS/6000 320H (AIX 3.2.4) we had to add


to the default CFLAGS for target ibm-power-aix-cc. Without that we got
error messages like those mentioned by Peter Blanchard.

Martin Wursthorn

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