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3 The Info Class of the Package

The info mechanism in GAP allows functions to print information during the computation (see Section Info Functions in the GAP reference manual for general information).

  • InfoRadiroot V

    is the info class of this package.

  • SetInfoLevel( InfoRadiroot, level )

    sets the info level for InfoRadiroot to level, where level has to be an integer in the range 0-4.

    The default value for InfoRadiroot is 1. Information why a function returns fail will be given with this setting.

    gap> InfoLevel(InfoRadiroot);
    gap> RootsOfPolynomialAsRadicals(x^5-4*x+2);
    #I  Polynomial is not solvable.

    Setting the info level to a higher value will cause messages to show up during single steps of the computation. On level 2 one gets a rough overview. Those who want to go into the details of the algorithm described in Distler05 and of the implementation itself will find the information on level 3-4 helpful.

    To use the package in silent mode the info level can be given the value 0.

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    Radiroot manual
    April 2014