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Online Validator for PackageInfo.g File

GAP packages must contain a file PackageInfo.g in which meta-information is collected: package name, version, authors/maintainers with contact addresses, location of download archive(s), infos on provided manuals, ... This is used for loading a package into GAP and for a possible redistribution of a package via the GAP web and ftp sites.

See this template file for more details and if you want to create such a file for your package.

One basic check for such a file is provided by the command ValidatePackageInfo(filename); from within GAP (at least 4.4).

As further test you can type the URL of a PackageInfo.g file into this form. The file is then downloaded and several checks are applied to it. This should point out to you some common mistakes and hopefully give useful hints for possible improvements.

Of course, this cannot be perfect. There may be errors not detected by the script, and it may happen that the script complains about points you are actually satisfied with.

URL of your PackageInfo.g file:

Please, be patient, several programs have to be started for the check, and files must be downloaded, this can take a little time.