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GAP Authors

The following list gives names and, where known, email addresses of authors of larger parts of the GAP kernel and library.

For all authors the contributions can be identified from the header of the library or kernel files. If you want to find the contributions of a particular author you should grep the library and kernel files searching for the full name (first name and family name but no title) of the respective author.

Many of the authors listed here have since then left academia. There is also a list of people who currently support GAP users.

  • Isabel Araújo
  • Robert Arthur
  • Laurent Bartholdi
  • Hans Ulrich Besche
  • Thomas Bischops
  • Oliver Bonten
  • Thomas Breuer
  • Frank Celler
  • Gene Cooperman
  • Bettina Eick
  • Volkmar Felsch
  • Greg Gamble
  • Franz Gähler
  • Willem de Graaf
  • Burkhard Höfling
  • Jens Hollmann
  • Derek Holt
  • Max Horn
  • Erzebet Horvath
  • Gabor Horvath
  • Alexander Hulpke
  • Chris Jefferson
  • Ansgar Kaup
  • Susanne Keitemeier
  • Stefan Kohl
  • Olexandr Konovalov
  • Steve Linton
  • Frank Lübeck
  • Bohdan Majewski
  • Johannes Meier
  • Thomas Merkwitz
  • Wolfgang Merkwitz
  • James Mitchell
  • Juergen Mnich
  • Robert F. Morse
  • Scott Murray
  • Max Neunhöffer
  • Werner Nickel
  • Alice Niemeyer
  • Dmitrii Pasechnik
  • Götz Pfeiffer
  • Markus Pfeiffer
  • Udo Polis
  • Ferenc Rakoczi
  • Sarah Rees
  • Ute Schiffer
  • Jack Schmidt
  • Martin Schönert
  • Ákos Seress
  • Andrew Solomon
  • Heiko Theissen
  • Rob Wainwright
  • Alex Wegner
  • Chris Wensley

The origin and/or authors of the library of group data is given in the respective section of the manual.