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6 publications using GAP in the category "Statistical mechanics, structure of matter"

[C15] Chillingworth, D. R. J., Critical points and symmetries of a free energy function for biaxial nematic liquid crystals, Nonlinearity, 28 (5) (2015), 1483–1537.

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[M03] Makai, M., Response matrix and composition asymmetry, Transport Theory Statist. Phys., 32 (5-7) (2003), 545–565
(Special issue comprised of papers presented at the Seventeenth International Conference on Transport Theory, Part II (London, 2001)).

[ME04] Martin, P. P. and Elgamal, A., Ramified partition algebras, Math. Z., 246 (3) (2004), 473–500.

[OPS98] Opgenorth, J., Plesken, W., and Schulz, T., Crystallographic algorithms and tables, Acta Cryst. Sect. A, 54 (5) (1998), 517–531.

[ZJ01] Zeiner, P. and Janssen, T., Notes on the normalizer of a finite subgroup of $\rm GL(n,d,\Bbb Z)$ in $\rm GL(n,d,\Bbb Z)$, Acta Cryst. Sect. A, 57 (3) (2001), 256–263.