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34 publications using GAP published in 1996

[ASZ96] Annin, S. A., Sherman, G. J., and Ziebarth, J. J., Research questions for undergraduates on triple products in finite groups, PRIMUS, VI (1) (1996), 1–7
(The periodical is on 'Problems, Resources, and Issues in Undergraduate Mathematics Studies', edited by the Department of Mathematical Sciences, United States Military Academy, West point NY 10996-9902 USA).

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[B96] Bardoe, M. K., The universal embedding for the involution geometry of the Suzuki sporadic simple group, J. Algebra, 186 (2) (1996), 447–460.

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[F96] Fripertinger, H., The cycle index of the symmetry group of the fullerene $\rm C_60$, Match (33) (1996), 121–138.

[F96] Fuchs, M., Erkennungsalgorithmen für Gruppen, implementiert in GAP, Diplomarbeit, Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik, RWTH-Aachen, Aachen (1996).

[GH+96] Geck, M., Hiss, G., Lübeck, F., Malle, G., and Pfeiffer, G., CHEVIE—a system for computing and processing generic character tables, Appl. Algebra Engrg. Comm. Comput., 7 (3) (1996), 175–210
(Computational methods in Lie theory (Essen, 1994)).

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[GGZ96] Grabowski, J., Grell, J., and Zlatina, L., Space models of molecules based on interatomic distances and point symmetry group, Match (34) (1996), 123–155.

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[N96] Nebe, G., Finite subgroups of $\rm GL_n(\bold Q)$ for $25\leq n\leq 31$, Comm. Algebra, 24 (7) (1996), 2341–2397.

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[W96] Wilson, R. A., Standard generators for sporadic simple groups, J. Algebra, 184 (2) (1996), 505–515.