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101 publications using GAP published in 2003

[ABC03] Alejandro, P. P., Bailey, R. A., and Cameron, P. J., Association schemes and permutation groups, Discrete Math., 266 (1-3) (2003), 47–67
(The 18th British Combinatorial Conference (Brighton, 2001)).

[AM03] Ali, F. and Moori, J., The Fischer-Clifford matrices of a maximal subgroup of $\rm Fi'_24$, Represent. Theory, 7 (2003), 300–321.

[AO03] An, J. and O'Brien, E. A., Conjectures on the character degrees of the Harada-Norton simple group HN, Israel J. Math., 137 (2003), 157–181.

[AOW03] An, J., O'Brien, E. A., and Wilson, R. A., The Alperin weight conjecture and Dade's conjecture for the simple group $J_4$, LMS J. Comput. Math., 6 (2003), 119–140.

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[B03] Brooksbank, P. A., Constructive recognition of classical groups in their natural representation, J. Symbolic Comput., 35 (2) (2003), 195–239.

[B03] Brooksbank, P. A., Fast constructive recognition of black-box unitary groups, LMS J. Comput. Math., 6 (2003), 162–197.

[BKK03] Brouwer, A. E., Koolen, J. H., and Klin, M. H., A root graph that is locally the line graph of the Petersen graph, Discrete Math., 264 (1-3) (2003), 13–24
(The 2000 $\rmCom^2MaC$ Conference on Association Schemes, Codes and Designs (Pohang)).

[BW03] Brown, R. and Wensley, C. D., Computation and homotopical applications of induced crossed modules, J. Symbolic Comput., 35 (1) (2003), 59–72.

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[CK03] Cameron, P. J. and Ku, C. Y., Intersecting families of permutations, European J. Combin., 24 (7) (2003), 881–890.

[CC+03] Campbell, C. M., Campbell, P. P., Hopson, B. T. K., and Robertson, E. F., On the efficiency of direct powers of $\rm PGL(2,p)$, in Recent advances in group theory and low-dimensional topology (Pusan, 2000), Heldermann, Lemgo, Res. Exp. Math., 27 (2003), 27–34.

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[C03] Cardona, G., On the number of curves of genus 2 over a finite field, Finite Fields Appl., 9 (4) (2003), 505–526.

[CGW03] Claesson, A., Godsil, C. D., and Wagner, D. G., A permutation group determined by an ordered set, Discrete Math., 269 (1-3) (2003), 273–279.

[CM+03] Cohen, A., Murray, S., Pollet, M., and Sorge, V., Certifying solutions to permutation group problems, in AUTOMATED DEDUCTION - CADE-19 (2003), 258–273.

[CM+03] Conder, M., Maclachlan, C., Todorovic Vasiljevic, S., and Wilson, S., Bounds for the number of automorphisms of a compact non-orientable surface, J. London Math. Soc. (2), 68 (1) (2003), 65–82.

[CK03] Cornelissen, G. and Kato, F., Mumford curves with maximal automorphism group. II. Lamé type groups in genus 5–8, Geom. Dedicata, 102 (2003), 127–142.

[CH03] Crnković, D. and Held, D., Some Menon designs having $U(3,3)$ as an automorphism group, Illinois J. Math., 47 (1-2) (2003), 129–139
(Special issue in honor of Reinhold Baer (1902–1979)).

[D03] Dabbaghian-Abdoly, V., An algorithm to construct representations of finite groups, ProQuest LLC, Ann Arbor, MI (2003), 129 pages
(Thesis (Ph.D.)–Carleton University (Canada)).

[DDP03] Dalla Volta, F., Di Martino, L., and Previtali, A., On minimally irreducible groups of degree the product of two primes, J. Group Theory, 6 (1) (2003), 11–56.

[DLM03] Dalla Volta, F., Lucchini, A., and Morini, F., Some remarks on the probability of generating an almost simple group, Glasg. Math. J., 45 (2) (2003), 281–291.

[G03] de Graaf, W. A., An algorithm to compute the canonical basis of an irreducible module over a quantized enveloping algebra, LMS J. Comput. Math., 6 (2003), 105–118.

[DH03] Delgado, M. and Héam, P., A polynomial time algorithm to compute the abelian kernel of a finite monoid, Semigroup Forum, 67 (1) (2003), 97–110.

[D03] Draisma, J., Constructing Lie algebras of first order differential operators, J. Symbolic Comput., 36 (5) (2003), 685–698.

[DT03] Dunfield, N. M. and Thurston, W. P., The virtual Haken conjecture: experiments and examples, Geom. Topol., 7 (2003), 399–441.

[EH03] Eick, B. and Höfling, B., The solvable primitive permutation groups of degree at most 6560, LMS J. Comput. Math., 6 (2003), 29–39.

[EO03] Eick, B. and Ostheimer, G., On the orbit-stabilizer problem for integral matrix actions of polycyclic groups, Math. Comp., 72 (243) (2003), 1511–1529.

[EMM03] Elder, M., McCammond, J., and Meier, J., Combinatorial conditions that imply word-hyperbolicity for 3-manifolds, Topology, 42 (6) (2003), 1241–1259.

[F03] Feldman, A., Properties of subgroups of solvable groups that imply they are normally embedded, Glasg. Math. J., 45 (1) (2003), 45–52.

[FK03] Fieker, C. and Klüners, J., Minimal discriminants for fields with small Frobenius groups as Galois groups, J. Number Theory, 99 (2) (2003), 318–337.

[FL+03] Formanek, E., Lee, W., Sysoeva, I., and Vazirani, M., The irreducible complex representations of the braid group on $n$ strings of degree $\le n$, J. Algebra Appl., 2 (3) (2003), 317–333.

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[G03] Girondo, E., Multiply quasiplatonic Riemann surfaces, Experiment. Math., 12 (4) (2003), 463–475.

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[GLM03] Graczyk, P., Letac, G., and Massam, H., The complex Wishart distribution and the symmetric group, Ann. Statist., 31 (1) (2003), 287–309.

[HO03] Haanpää, H. and Östergård, P. R. J., Classification of whist tournaments with up to 12 players, Discrete Appl. Math., 129 (2-3) (2003), 399–407.

[H03] Hartley, M. I., Quotients of some finite universal locally projective polytopes, Discrete Comput. Geom., 29 (3) (2003), 435–443.

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[IP03] Ivanov, A. A. and Pasechnik, D. V., $c$-extensions of the $F_4(2)$-building, Discrete Math., 264 (1-3) (2003), 91–110
(The 2000 $\rmCom^2MaC$ Conference on Association Schemes, Codes and Designs (Pohang)).

[JK03] Jørgensen, L. K. and Klin, M., Switching of edges in strongly regular graphs. I. A family of partial difference sets on 100 vertices, Electron. J. Combin., 10 (2003), Research Paper 17, 31.

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[K03] Konovalov, A., On the computer algebra system GAP, ``CHIP'' Magazine (9) (2003)
(Supplementary article for the GAP 4.3 distribution on the CD-appendix to the magazine.).

[KB+03] Konovalov, A., Bovdi, V., Schneider, C., and Rossmanith, R., Investigations in unit groups of modular group algebras using the GAP4 package LAGUNA 3.0, in 4th International Conference on Algebra. Lviv, Ukraine, 4–9 August 2003 (2003), 52–53.

[KK03] Konovalov, A. and Kimmerle, W., An algorithm for the embedding of the given $p$-group into the normalised unit group of the modular group algebra of a finite $p$-group., in Algebras, Rings and Modules. Lisboa, Portugal, 14–18 July 2003 (2003), 45–46.

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[LNP03] Larrión, F., Neumann-Lara, V., and Pizaña, M. A., Clique convergent surface triangulations, Mat. Contemp., 25 (2003), 135–143
(The Latin-American Workshop on Cliques in Graphs (Rio de Janeiro, 2002)).

[L03] Lempken, W., $2$-local amalgams for the simple groups $\rm GL(5,2),\rm M_24$ and $\rm He$, Illinois J. Math., 47 (1-2) (2003), 361–393
(Special issue in honor of Reinhold Baer (1902–1979)).

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(Special issue comprised of papers presented at the Seventeenth International Conference on Transport Theory, Part II (London, 2001)).

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(Special issue in honor of Reinhold Baer (1902–1979)).

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(Special issue on linear algebra methods in representation theory).

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