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40 publications using GAP published in 2021

[AA+21] Ali, S., Azad, H., Biswas, I., and de Graaf, W. A., A constructive method for decomposing real representations, J. Symbolic Comput., 104 (2021), 328–342.

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[BB+21] Bernhardt, D., Boykett, T., Devillers, A., Flake, J., and Glasby, S. P., Groups $G$ satisfying a functional equation $f(xk) = xf(x)$ for some $k \in G$ (2021)
(Preprint, \url

[BK+21] Bonatto, M., Kinyon, M., Stanovský, D., and Vojtěchovský, P., Involutive latin solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation, J. Algebra, 565 (2021), 128–159.

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[FGO21] Fresán-Figueroa, J., González-Moreno, D., and Olsen, M., On the packing chromatic number of Moore graphs, Discrete Appl. Math., 289 (2021), 185–193.

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