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Bibliography of Publications Citing GAP

We provide a bibliography of work involving and giving acknowledgement to GAP either by explicit citation in its list of references or by a statement in the work. This bibliograhy is mainly based on searches in the science citation databases, including MathSciNet, answers to an enquiry in the GAP Forum, and previous user reports. It will be regularly further extended and we ask you to support it by sending references.

Note that the papers quoted in the bibliography are not sorted with respect to using GAP 4 or GAP 3.

The bibliography is available as

The Statistics page gives the number of publications per year and numbers of publications by MSC2020 categories. It is also possible to view lists of publications published in the particular year and in the particular category.

In addition to the bibliography maintained by The GAP Group, there is also a Google Scholar profile for the GAP system and some of its packages, where citations are added automatically as soon as they are detected by Google. Another independent source of citations for GAP and packages is swMATH project which looks for the references in the zbMATH database.

Additions or corrections to the bibliography maintained by The GAP Group are requested at and are very much appreciated.

For quoting the use of GAP in your publications we provide standard forms for citing GAP 4 and for citing GAP 3.