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GAP 4.3 Bugfix 1

Errors listed in bold may cause the system to return a wrong result without issuing a warning, errors in italics can cause a system crash. Other errors typically will lead to an error message and may cause the abortion of a run but will not cause wrong results.

  1. A bug in the handling of Processes with empty input or output streams.
  2. An error in the function for computing quotients of algebra modules.
  3. An error in computing the strongly connected components of a binary relation in which incorrect results can be returned.
  4. A "no method found" error in OrbitStabilizerAlgorithm for infinite groups.
  5. Calculation of iterated automorphism groups might stop with an error message.
  6. A segmentation fault when converting length 0 compressed vectors to larger fields
  7. The output of the internal pager (see 'Pager') is no longer copied to log files.
  8. Some memory is not freed up as soon as it could be, resulting in over-use of memory and over-large saved workspaces
  9. Saving and loading a workspace using a kernel containing a statically loaded user module (most likely a compiled GAP file) did not work.
  10. Problems with EulerianFunction for certain types of groups