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GAP 4.3 Bugfix 4

Errors listed in bold may cause the system to return a wrong result without issuing a warning, errors in italics can cause a system crash. Other errors typically will lead to an error message and may cause the abortion of a run but will not cause wrong results.

  1. A problem with a homomorphism from a free group in the trivial permutation group.
  2. A problem with the multiplication of rationals and elements in large prime fields.
  3. A problem with composing a homomorphism from an fp group with another homomorphism (images may be wrong).
  4. A problem with attempting to create univariate polynomials of very high degree.
  5. A problem with output going to errout incorrectly after a syntax error
  6. An error in the function ReducedSCTable.
  7. An error in computing the Rees Matrix semigroup.
  8. A compatibility problem with earlier versions of gap in semigroup and monoid rewriting systems.
  9. An error in the comparison routine for univariate rational functions.
  10. The behaviour of PQuotient() when an attempt is made to compute a p-quotient with more generators than the underlying data structure was initialised with.
  11. A problem with computing `BasisVectors' for a basis of an algebraic field extension.
  12. A problem with the definition of `IsRowVector' (which previously returned `true' also for matrices).
  13. A problem with `BaumClausenInfo'.
  14. A problem with `IsRowModule' for infinite dimensional vector spaces (which are not row spaces).
  15. A problem when calculating representations of a group in which class arrangement in group and character table are not identical.
  16. A problem with `Difference' with first argument a list that is not a set and second argument an empty list.
  17. The failure of Elements() to compute the elements of a pc group with non-prime relative orders.
  18. A wrong computation of single character values of Weyl groups of type B and character tables of Weyl groups of type D. Furthermore, a much more efficient function for computing all character values is provided.
  19. Packages accidentally overwriting the setting of `InfoWarning'.
  20. A missing method for `IsPolynomial' for univariate rational functions.
  21. A problem in the on-line help which sometimes returned a blank entry for a topic even though the topic was documented.
  22. A problem in the help system where a tilde in a filename was replaced by a blank.
  23. A problem that prevented the documentation of some packages from autoloading.
  24. Three missing primitive groups of degree 441 were addded.