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GAP 4.3 Bugfix 5

Errors listed in bold may cause the system to return a wrong result without issuing a warning, errors in italics can cause a system crash. Other errors typically will lead to an error message and may cause the abortion of a run but will not cause wrong results.

  1. A wrong return format for `IsomorphicSubgroups' applied to cyclic groups.
  2. A wrong `true' result of `IsSubset' for certain algebras.
  3. Segmentation faults and other strange behaviour when assigning finite field elements of different characteristics into compressed vectors
  4. A bug in the subgroup conjugation test for permutation groups that are not subgroups.
  5. A missing method for `BaseOrthogonalSpaceMat'.
  6. A missing `Set' call in the construction of the global variable `AUTOLOAD_PACKAGES'.
  7. A wrong display string of the numerator in rational functions returned by `MolienSeries' (in the case that the constant term of this numerator is zero).
  8. A strange behaviour of `Intersection' for the case that a strictly sorted list is the unique entry of the list that is given as the argument; in this situation, this entry itself was returned instead of a shallow copy.
  9. An error in the basis of a product space of algebras.
  10. Possibly wrong result of `Centre' for pc groups.
  11. Possibly wrong result of `DirectSumDecomposition' for matrix Lie algebras.
  12. An error in `LieNormalizer', `LieCentralizer' for zero subspaces.
  13. An error in the computation of matrices of adjoint modules.
  14. A strange error message when constructing the simple Lie algebra of type B1.
  15. An error in `ModuleByRestriction'.
  16. An error in `IrrBaumClausen' for the trivial group.
  17. An error with vector space bases of row spaces over fields which neither are prime fields nor contain all entries of the vectors.
  18. An error with `IsMonomial', when it uses the function `TestMonomialFromLattice' (i.e., in hard cases, likely for characters of nonsolvable groups).