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GAP 4.4 Bugfix 3 (May 2004)

Errors listed in bold may cause the system to return a wrong result without issuing a warning, errors in italics can cause a system crash. Other errors typically will lead to an error message and may cause the abortion of a run but will not cause wrong results.

  1. Problems with the online help with some manual sections.
  2. Problems of the online help on Windows systems.
  3. A problem in GQuotients when mapping from a finitely presented group which has a free direct factor.
  4. The function `DisplayRevision'
  5. The trivial finitely presented group on no generators was not recognized as finitely presented.
  6. A problem with `Process'.
  7. A problem when intersecting subgroups of finitely presented groups that are represented in ``quotient representation'' with the quotient not a permutation group.
  8. A bug in the generic `Intersection2' method for vector spaces, in the case that both spaces are trivial.
  9. Correct setting of system variables (e.g., home directory and command line options) after loading a workspace.
  10. Enable ReeGroup(q) for q = 3.
  11. A problem in the installation of the multiplication routine for matrices that claimed to be applicable for more general list multiplications.
  12. A problem when computing weight distributions of codes with weights > 228
  13. Wrong handling of integer literals within functions or loops on 64bit architectures (only integers in the range from 2^28 to 2^60).