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GAP 4.4 Bugfix 4 (December 2004)

Errors listed in bold may cause the system to return a wrong result without issuing a warning, errors in italics can cause a system crash. Other errors typically will lead to an error message and may cause the abortion of a run but will not cause wrong results.

  1. A problem with the function `SuggestUpdates' to check for the most recent version of packages available.
  2. A problem that caused `MatrixOfAction' to produce an error when the algebra module was constructed as a direct sum.
  3. An error in the `Order' method for matrices over cyclotomic fields which caused this method to return `infinity' for matrices of finite order in certain cases.
  4. Representations computed by `IrreducibleRepresentations' in characteristic 0 erraneously claimed to be faithful.
  5. Problems with computing n-th power maps of character tables, where n is negative and the table does not yet store its irreducible characters.
  6. A primitive representation of degree 574 for PSL(2,41) has been missing in the classification on which the GAP library was built.
  7. Element conjugacy in large-base permutation groups sometimes was unnecessarily inefficient.
  8. A bug in 'Append' for compressed vectors over GF(2), if the length of the result is 1 mod 32 (or 64) the last entry was forgotten to copy.
  9. A problem with the Ree group Ree(3) of size 1512 claiming to be simple.
  10. An error in the membership test (`in') for groups `GU(n,q)' and `SU(n,q)' for non-prime `q'.
  11. A missing method for getting the letter representation of an associate word in straight line program representation.
  12. A problem with the construction of vector space bases where the given list of basis vectors is itself an object that was returned by `Basis'.
  13. An error in the kernel code for ranges which caused `-1 in [1..2]' to return `true', e.g.
  14. An error recording Boolean lists in saved workspaces.
  15. A problem of `AbelianInvariantsMultiplier' insisting that a result of `IsomorphismFpGroup' is known to be surjective.
  16. A problem in the selection function for primitive and transitive groups if no degree is given.
  17. An error in the routine for `Resultant' if one of the polynomials has degree zero.
  18. `ReducedConfluentRewritingSystem' returning a cached result that might not conform to the ordering specified.