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GAP 4.4 Update 9 (November 2006)

Fixed bugs which could produce wrong results

  1. The methods of ReadByte for reading from files or terminals returned wrong results for characters in the range [128..255]. [Reported by Yevgen Muntyan]

Other fixed bugs

  1. A method for the operation PseudoRandom did not succeed.
  2. A fix for `Orbits' with a set of points as a seed.
  3. Added a generic method such that Positions works with all types of lists.
  4. Fixed a problem in choosing the prime in the Dixon-Schneider algorithm. [Reported by Toshio Sumi]

New or improved functionality

  1. ReducedOrdinary was used in the manual, but was not documented as such, being a synonym for the documented ReducedCharacters. Changed manual examples to use the latter form. [Reported by Vahid Dabbaghian]