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1.General Questions

1.5: How is the GAP Web Site organized?

The GAP Web Site can be thought of as a graph with the pages as nodes and the links as directed edges. To give each page a definite place, a spanning tree (Navigation Tree) for this graph has been (arbitrarily, but reasonably logically) defined, the main branches representing different aspects of GAP. The Sitemap depicts the main branches of that tree. Note that there are many edges not belonging to the spanning tree.

At the top of the left hand bar of each page you find a link to the Sitemap, further down that left hand bar depicts a part of the navigation tree, showing the branch leading from the Start node to this page as well as the 'brothers' of this page and its 'children' and allowing to link to each of these.

The left hand bar of the Start Page in addition shows some 'Quick Links' to pages that a more experienced user may want to visit immediately.

The top bar lists the main nodes sitting at distance 1 under the Start node hence defining the main branches of the tree.

From the pages of the GAP Web Site proper there are many links to other Web pages, e. g. to home pages of people, home pages of packages, etc. These will not carry the top and left hand bars of the proper GAP Web pages. The bars will also be missing on pages showing parts of the manual, the GAP Forum correspondence, etc.

Of course, web pages of other people may change without our noticing this, so that our links to such pages will not work any longer. If you notice such a case, or have other criticism of the web site or suggestions for its improvement please inform us by a letter to