> < ^ Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 09:24:47 +0100
> < ^ From: Tim Boykett <tim@bruckner.stoch.uni-linz.ac.at >
^ Subject: Compacted problems?

Dear Mr and Mrs Gap,

Whilst using the AllSolvableGroups library, I ran into
the rather perturbing problem:

gap> all[1];
gap> Centre(last);
Error, AUTO: 'Compacted' must be defined by the evaluation at
gensInv := Compacted( gensInv ) ... in
KernelHomomorphismAgGroupAgGroup( a ) called from
obj.operations.Kernel( obj ) called from
Kernel( a ) called from
G.operations.FactorGroup( G, N ) called from
FactorGroup( G, N ) called from

all is a list of groups from the library sharing
some properties. Now gensInv is an empty list,
which could explain the problem, but what is
most perturbing is that Bettina Eick has done
some very similar computations (I copied direct
from her) and her's worked without any problems.

Does anyone have any decent ideas? We are patched up to 26,
other than that we are generally up to date, and we have no
general problems with GAP....hmm

Thanks in advance,


Tim Boykett		tim@bruckner.stoch.uni-linz.ac.at
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