> < ^ Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 09:02:49 +1300
> < ^ From: Eamonn O'Brien <obrien@math.auckland.ac.nz >
> ^ Subject: BibTeX database for Group Theory

The latest version of a BibTeX database containing about
750 references for various areas of group theory has been
put on anonymous FTP on ftpmaths.anu.edu.au (IP

The relevant files are


The database file is algebra.bib
The file README describes the consistent key system used.

The database can also be accessed via my home page

The database can be used in the usual fashion with
flavours of TeX, and the standard .bst files can be
used to process its contents.

Many of the papers included in the database cover aspects
of Computational Group Theory, but other areas of group
theory -- particularly, about p-groups and soluble groups
-- are referenced as well. However, be warned that
the overall collection is somewhat idiosyncratic.

Reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the
information is accurate and moderately consistent;
however, a user should exercise care.

We update the distributed version at intervals.
Comments and criticisms are welcomed. We will
fix errors and include new material which others care
to supply. However, such material should be in complete
form, and use the same "key" conventions.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this collection.

Eamonn O'Brien

Mathematics, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland
E-mail: obrien@math.auckland.ac.nz
WWW:    http://www.math.auckland.ac.nz/~obrien
FTP:    ftpmaths.anu.edu.au /pub/obrien/papers

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