> < ^ Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 15:01:49 +0100
> < ^ From: Alexander Hulpke <hulpke@math.colostate.edu >
^ Subject: Transitive groups galore

Dear GAP-Forum,

I have put an archive on our ftp server that contains files for
the transitive groups (i.e. class representatives within the symmetric group)
of degree 2 to 22. The degrees 2-15 are (with slight technical changes within
the files) identical with the library distributed so far, degrees 16-22 were
computed anew for my PhD thesis (I have lists for degees up to 30, but the
further degrees still need checking before a release). Further information
can be found on my 3W page

The archive is /pub/incoming/trans22.zoo on our ftp server

To install the files, simply unpack the archive using 'unzoo' and move all
the unpacked files in the 'grp'-directory of your GAP distribution,
overwriting existing files. You're done.

Best regards,

Alexander Hulpke

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