> < ^ Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 18:15:12 +0400
> < ^ From: Vitaliy I. Mysovskikh <vimys@pdmi.ras.ru >
^ Subject: A set of codes for testing subgroup embedding properties

Dear GAP-forum,

I have a pleasure to announce a set of codes for testing some
subgroup embedding properties like as abnormality, pronormality, etc.
It seems to be useful tool for researchers in/coming across the area
even although programs work satisfactory just for small groups. The
file "embedsub.g" can be found out on ftp server of LDFM, RWTH Aachen:


It contains a brief description of the codes complemented with
information about basic concepts and references. In addition,
the author would be glad to send his unpublished English survey
(cited as [8] in the description) to any interested person.

Any suggestions and comments with respect to that set of codes
are welcome, preferably by e-mail.

Best wishes, Vitaliy Mysovskikh

Vitaliy I. Mysovskikh, Ph.D.
St.Petersburg State University
Department of Mathematics and Mechanics 
Bibliotechnaya pl. 2, Stariy Peterhof
St Petersburg, 198904, RUSSIA
E-mail: vimys@pdmi.ras.ru

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