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> < ^ From: Joachim Neubueser <joachim.neubueser@math.rwth-aachen.de >
^ Subject: Contents of messages to GAP-Forum

Dear GAP-Forum members,

We have been asked several times, if announcements could be sent to
the GAP-Forum, that do not relate directly to GAP but might be of
interest to some of the members of the Forum. Quite recently there
were two such cases, one was the advertisement of a position in the
mathematics department in Auckland, where among the expertise wanted
group and representation theory as well as computational experience
were mentioned. The other was the announcement of a meeting on
crystallographic and related groups in Belgium.

In both cases (and each time with some personal regret) I have asked
not to send this advertisement to the GAP-Forum. The reason is that
nowadays for all such advertisements and announcements there are
better places and that we want to keep the GAP-Forum restricted to
matters that really relate to GAP. (That is, only if a person is
wanted to help working with GAP, this might be a case for the
GAP-Forum or if a meeting on Computational Group Theory is announced
in which likely GAP will be an issue, this might be another.)

I would like, however, to direct your attention with respect to such
announcements to the group-pub-forum maintained by Geoff Smith at Bath
and a WWW page there which do take and spread such information without
overwhelming its members with too much mail. (The two announcements
mentioned above both appeared in the group-pub-forum). I recommend to
subscribe to that forum and for your convenience I append some
information about it which I have copied from a letter of Geoff Smith
in the group-pub-forum and the WWW page there.

With kind regards Joachim Neubueser


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will look better if they are typeset in Tex, Latex or Postscript, but
plain text will suffice.

Internet surfing opportunity:

Subscribers to group-pub-forum may be interested to learn that the
forum now has its own page on the World Wide Web. The address of this
page on WWW (jargon = its URL) is:


>From this page there are links to information on forthcoming
conferences and also to a (currently empty) list of job and research
opportunities for group theorists. Galway and Canberra already have
their conference information available there.

Information on these topics which is posted to the forum will be
archived into the appropriate WWW page so that Web users will be able
to read it. Setting up such information on the Web yourself will
enable us to put in a link from group-pub-forum-on-the-Web to your
page. That way, when the information is updated (e.g `conference is
cancelled, organizers arrested' or `mathematics department closed by
sanitary inspectors') then this new information is automatically made
available to Web users. Persons wishing to do this should learn how
to use the (easy) language HTML. Consult your local webmaster or
surfing expert.

In      the   near  future    links        will  be  set   up     from
group-pub-forum-on-the-Web  to all  the good places   -- so  that, for
example,     you can tell     your   research students   to  scour  MR

Geoff Smith
(URL: http://www.bath.ac.uk/~masgcs/home.html)


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