> < ^ Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 10:47:27 +0200
> < ^ From: Joachim Neubueser <joachim.neubueser@math.rwth-aachen.de >
^ Subject: interim report - European Summer of CGT '97

Dear Colleagues,

In the 'Interim Report' of December 27, 1995 I informed you about the
plan to organize a number of workshops on various topics in
Computational Group Theory during the Summer of 1997. Today I can
give you a list of planned workshops. For each of them you find
contact addresses, as well as WWW pages, to which you should refer for
more details, in particular on the contents, prerequisites and
organisational form of the respective workshops.

The announcements have been brought into a common format. In
particular please note that the dates given always refer to the first
and the last day of the respective workshop, i. e. the arrival day
would normally be the day before the first day listed below.

A further workshop which fits into the general scheme takes place
already this year 1996:

Groups in Action (Constructive Theory of Discrete Structures,
Applications, Algorithms etc.)

Thurnau (near Bayreuth, Germany)

October 21, 1996  -  October 23, 1996

Organizers: Adalbert Kerber, Reinhard Laue

Contact address: Prof. A. Kerber, Prof. R. Laue
                 Lehrstuhl II fuer Mathematik
                 Universitaet Bayreuth
                 D95440 Bayreuth


Further information:

The workshops of next year are listed in chronological order, I have
inserted into that order some other conferences, in particular the
Oberwolfach Conference 'Computational Group Theory' and the conference
'Groups St. Andrews '97 at Bath' which form some cornerstones for

"European Summer of Computational Group Theory '97"

Instructional Workshop on the Use of GAP in Research.
St. Andrews, UK.

April 7, 1997  -  April 11, 1997.

Organizers: Mike Atkinson, Ed Robertson, Steve Linton (St. Andrews).

Contact Person: Dr. Werner Nickel
                Mathematical Institute,
                University of St Andrews
                North Haugh
                St. Andrews, Fife
                KY16 9S, UK
tel: +44 1334 463766
fax: +44 1334 463748


Deadline for Registration: TBA

Financial Statements:  To be  determined  in detail.  There will be at
                       most a small fee (in the vicinity of 20 pounds,
                       possibly less for students).

Accommodation in university residences will cost
20-30 pounds per night.

Some support for UK postgraduates may be

Further information:



Computational Representation Theory.
IBFI Schloss Dagstuhl (near Saarbruecken, Germany).

May 20, 1997  -  May 23, 1997.

Organizers:     Meinolf Geck (Paris), Gerhard Hiss (Heidelberg),
                Wolfgang Kimmerle (Stuttgart), Klaus Lux (Aachen),
                Gunter Malle (Heidelberg).

Contact Person: Dr. G. Hiss
                IWR der Universit"at Heidelberg
                Im Neuenheimer Feld 368
                69120 Heidelberg


Registration:   Limited number  of participants.
                Enquire by  January 31, 1997.

Financial Statements: No fee; Full  Board at Dagstuhl about DM 85/day;
                      Some support of participation will be available,
                      contact Dr. G. Hiss.

Further Information: http://www.iwr.uni-heidelberg.de/~CRT


Computational Methods for Permutation and Matrix Groups.
Aachen, Germany.

May 26, 1997  -  May 30, 1997.

Organizer: Akos Seress (Columbus, Ohio).

Contact Person: Prof. A.  Seress
                c.o. Prof. J. Neubueser
                Lehrstuhl D fuer Mathematik
                RWTH Aachen
                Templergraben 64
                52062 Aachen, Germany
                Tel. 0049/241/804543


Registration:   Limited number of participants.
                Enquire by March 15, 1997.

Financial  statements:   No fee;  Accommodation  in  Gaestehaus  RWTH,
                         hotels, B&B..

Further information:



Computational Group Theory.

Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, Germany.

June 1, 1997  -  June 7, 1997.

Participation by invitation only.


Nilpotent and Soluble Quotient Methods.
Trento, Italy.

June 23, 1997  -  June 28, 1997.

Organizers: Andrea Caranti (Trento), M.F.Newman (ANU, Canberra)

Contact person: Prof. A. Caranti
                Dipartimento di Matematica
                Universita' degli Studi di Trento
                I-38050 Povo (Trento)


Deadline for registration: not fixed yet.

Financial statements: No admission fees.

Further information:



British Combinatorial Conference.

July 7, 1997  -  July 11, 1997.

QMW, London, UK.


Groups St. Andrews '97 at Bath.

July 26, 1997  - August 9, 1997.

Bath, UK.


Lie Algebras and Applications,
an introduction from an effective point of view.

Eindhoven, NL

September 23, 1997  -  September 27, 1997

Organisers: A.M. Cohen, H. Cuypers, H. Sterk

Contact person: H. Cuypers
                Fac. Wisk. en Inf.
                Postbox 513
                5600 MB Eindhoven
                The Netherlands


Deadline for registration: September 1, 1997.

Financial statements: No admission fee.
                      Hotel prices range from 60 NLG per night for a
                      cheap hotel to 200 NLG for a reasonably luxurious

More details: http://www.win.tue.nl/~hansc/liealg.html

Maximum of 30 participants.

The first three days will consist of an introductory
course by G. Heckman in the mornings with interactive
computer sessions and exercises in the afternoons.


Overseas visitors intending to come to one or more of the activities
listed above may also be interested to spend some time in between in
one of the places that organize these events. They are welcome to
inquire about possibilities for such a visit with the contact
addresses given.

Joachim Neubueser

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