> < ^ Date: Thu, 01 Aug 1996 10:55:47 +0200
^ From: Jean-Luc Picard <jean-luc@bruckner.stoch.uni-linz.ac.at >
> < ^ Subject: semigroups

Dear GAP-forum,

In my diploma thesis, I did some work on finitely presented semigroups.
As I've implemented my functions in GAP, I would be highly interested in
whether there's already some semigroup stuff floating around and if so,
what stuff.

My work in short: A semigroup given by a presentation or its operation
table can be checked for subsemigroups, group kernel, endomorphisms, etc....
(lotsa functions).

The functions however do not yet comply 100% with the format used in the GAP
libraries. I plan to remedy that situation within the next four weeks.


Marcel-Oliver Widi

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