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I'm going to be teaching an introductory abstract algebra course next
semester. To give you an idea of the sort of students in this course,
I'd have to say that they would probably struggle with Herstein's book
but would do o.k. with Fraleigh's "A first course in abstract algebra"

I was wondering if anyone knows of any books out there for such a course
that incorporates laboratory exercises in G.A.P. (or Maple V).
Unfortunately, Pacific Lutheran University does not have access to
Mathematica. I'd prefer using G.A.P. since this would give them the
fundamentals for more advanced "undergraduate research" experiences in
abstract algebra.

Any suggestions and/or comments would be most welcome. Thanks in


P.S. I don't actually belong to the Group Pub Forum (guess I should
join, eh =) so please do respond to my e-mail address (daskm@plu.edu).
Thanks again.

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