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At the request of a potential GAP user, I forward the following request
for information. Please reply either to the Forum or directly to Mr. Pop.

In my original reply to him I suggested that he might consider using
GAP, but that I was not familar enough with his problem to tell him
which GAP functions would be most helpful. I also suggested that his
question might be better suited to math.sci, but that some GAP users
might be able to help him out, and I suggested that he post a note to
the Forum after checking to see what GAP resources he had available at
his university. This is his response.

C.R.B. Wright


I would like to ask if anyone may help me with the following problem:

I need to do some calculations in the ring of quantum matrices
for n=4 or 5.
These are iterated Ore rings so we have in hand substitutions,
eventually any monomial can be written as a sum of ordered
monomials. For n=3 I can do it by hand, but already n=4 is messy
and I try to find if :

1 - Do you know of any software that does such calculations (for
noncommutative Ore polynomials) or alike ?

2 - Is there a way of doing it in Maple, Mathematica, etc?

3 - Do you know somebody that knows about it or can help?

Of course if necessary I may write myself a program but
I would be happy to learn that it was already done.

I would really appreciate your help.

Sincerely yours,

Horia Pop

14MLH, Department of Mathematics
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1419

e-mail hpop@math.uiowa.edu

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     (319) 339-8678 home
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