[GAP Forum] GAP 4.9.2 release announcement

Alexander Konovalov alexander.konovalov at st-andrews.ac.uk
Mon Jul 9 10:01:43 BST 2018

Dear GAP Forum,

The next minor release of GAP, version 4.9.2, is now available at


An overview of changes introduced in GAP 4.9.2 is given below.

Fixed bugs that could lead to break loops:

* Fixed a bug in iterating over an empty cartesian product
  (#2421). [Reported by @isadofschi]

Fixed bugs that could lead to crashes:

* Fixed a crash after entering return; in a "method not found"
  break loop (#2449).

* Fixed a crash when an error occurs and OutputLogTo points to a 
  stream which internally uses another stream (#2596).

Fixed bugs that could lead to incorrect results:

* Fixed a bug in computing maximal subgroups, which broke some
  other calculations, in particular, computing intermediate
  subgroups. (#2488). [Reported by Seyed Hassan Alavi]

Other fixed bugs and further improvements:

* Profiling now correctly handles calls to longjmp and allows
  to generate profiles using version 2.0.1 of the Profiling
  package (#2444).

* The bin/gap.sh script now respects the GAP_DIR environment
  variable (#2465). [Contributed by RussWoodroofe]

* The bin/BuildPackages.sh script now properly builds binaries 
  for the simpcomp package (#2475).

* Fixed a bug in restoring a workspace, which prevented GAP
  from saving the history if a workspace was loaded during
  startup (#2578).

The same description with links to the documentation and to
GitHub pull requests is also available at 


In addition, GAP 4.9.2 distribution contains contains updated
versions of some packages from GAP 4.9.1 distribution, and
three new packages. 

The new JupyterKernel package by Markus Pfeiffer provides a 
so-called kernel for the Jupyter interactive document system 
(https://jupyter.org/). This package requires Jupyter to be 
installed on your system (see https://jupyter.org/install for 
instructions). It also requires GAP packages IO, ZeroMQInterface,
json, and also two new packages by Markus Pfeiffer called 
crypting and uuid, all included into GAP 4.9.2 distribution. 
The JupyterKernel package is not yet usable on Windows.
Further details about this package can be found at its webpage

The full list of new and updated packages in GAP 4.9.2 
distribution is:

Package name    | Version    | Date 
Browse            1.8.8        08/06/2018
crypting          0.8          25/05/2018
Cubefree          1.17         11/06/2018
cvec              2.6.1        07/06/2018
ExamplesForHomalg 2018.05.29   29/05/2018
float             0.9.1        14/06/2018
GRAPE             4.8          05/06/2018	
GUAVA             3.14         24/03/2018
HomalgToCAS       2018.06.15   15/06/2018	
ITC               1.5          13/06/2018
json              2.0.0        08/06/2018
JupyterKernel     0.99999      21/06/2018
loops             3.4.0        27/10/2017
lpres             0.4.3        14/06/2018
MatricesForHomalg 2018.06.02   02/06/2018
Modules           2018.05.31   31/05/2018
NumericalSgps     1.1.8        06/06/2018
Polycyclic        2.14         12/05/2018
profiling         2.0.1	       06/05/2018
RCWA	          4.6.2        26/06/2018
Semigroups        3.0.16       29/05/2018
ToolsForHomalg    2018.05.22   22/05/2018
uuid              0.5          22/05/2018

We encourage all users to upgrade to GAP 4.9.2. If you need any
help or would like to report any problems, please do not hesitate
to contact us at support at gap-system.org, or submit new issues
on GitHub: 


There is also a 'gap' tag for questions about GAP at the
Mathematics Q&A site:


In addition, you may find some GAP related news on Twitter:


Wishing you fun and success using GAP,

Alexander Konovalov
on behalf of the GAP Group

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