Loading ZOO Files

Browser Problems

Some browsers have problems with downloading the `zoo' archive files in that they load it as ASCII text. Saving this text would produce a corrupt archive.

In some browsers you can use the right mouse button (or Shift-Button) to save links directly to a file. (Menu point `Save as'.)

If this is not possible, you will have to add a MIMEtype for ZOO files.

For example in netscape under Linux you have to select Edit -> Preferences -> Navigator -> Applications. You will get a window like this:

Netscape Applications Menu

Select New. You get another window in which you specify that ``zoo'' files are to be saved to disk:

Zoo Mimetype Menu

Close both windows with OK. Now loading the files should work.

Extraction Problems

The ZOO files we are using are in an extended format that permits to distinguish ASCII and binary files. If you do not use the `unzoo' utility provided by us you might end up extracting the files all in binary format. (This might cause some problems under non-UNIX operating systems.)