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5 The IntPic package options.
 5.1 Available options
 5.2 Default options

5 The IntPic package options.

5.1 Available options

The list of allowed options, some of which already familiar from the examples, can be obtained as follows:

gap> RecNames(IP_TikzDefaultOptionsForArraysOfIntegers);
[ "other", "colors", "highlights", "shape_only", "colsep", "rowsep", 
  "cell_width", "allow_adjust_cell_width", "scale", "inner_sep", 
  "line_width", "line_color" ]

Its meaning is as follows:

Adding this option to one of the preceding examples, one obtains the following:

5.2 Default options

The defaults for the available options are as follows

They may be consulted:

gap> IP_TikzDefaultOptionsForArraysOfIntegers;
rec( allow_adjust_cell_width := "10", cell_width := "30", 
  colors := [ "red", "green", "blue", "-red", "-green", "-blue", "black!80", 
      "black!30", "red!50", "green!50", "blue!50", "-red!50", "-green!50", 
      "-blue!50", "black!70", "black!25", "red!20", "green!20", "blue!20", 
      "-red!20", "-green!20", "-blue!20", "black!60", "black!20", 
      "red!80!green!50", "green!80!red!50", "blue!80!red!50", 
      "-red!80!green!50", "-green!80!red!50", "-blue!80!red!50", "black!50", 
      "black!15", "red!80!blue!60", "green!80!blue!60", "blue!80!green!60", 
      "-red!80!blue!60", "-green!80!blue!60", "-blue!80!green!60", 
      "black!40", "black!10" ], colsep := "2", highlights := [ [  ] ], 
  inner_sep := "3", line_color := "black", line_width := "1", other := [  ], 
  rowsep := "2", scale := "1", shape_only := "false" )


The user may want to change the defaults by editing the file in the folder gap. The changes are lost whenever any re-installation occurs. It is recommended that in this case a copy is made, although it is not guaranteed that it will work in the next release.

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