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1 Installing and Loading the SymbCompCC Package


  1. Installing the SymbCompCC Package
  2. Loading the SymbCompCC Package

1.1 Installing the SymbCompCC Package

The following installation instruction is for unix although the package should work as well with any other operating system.

To install the SymbCompCC package, unpack the archive file, which should have a name of the form SymbCompCC-XXX.tar.gz for some version number XXX, by typing

bunzip2 SymbCompCC-XXX.tar.gz
tar -xvf SymbCompCC-XXX.tar

in the pkg directory of your version of GAP 4, or in a directory named pkg (e.g. in your home directory). (The only essential difference with installing SymbCompCC in a pkg directory different to the GAP 4 home directory is that one must start GAP with the -l switch, e.g. if your private pkg directory is a subdirectory of mygap in your home directory you might type:

gap -l ";myhomedir/mygap"

where myhomedir is the path to your home directory, which may be replaced by a tilde. The empty path before the semicolon is filled in by the default path of the GAP 4 home directory.)

1.2 Loading the SymbCompCC Package

To use the SymbCompCC Package you have to request it explicitly. This is done by calling

gap> LoadPackage("SymbCompCC");

The LoadPackage command is described in Section LoadPackage in the GAP Reference Manual.

If you want to load the SymbCompCC package by default, you can put the LoadPackage command into your .gaprc file (see Section The .gaprc file in the GAP Reference Manual).

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March 2018