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3 Installing and loading the Cubefree package


  1. Installing the Cubefree package
  2. Loading the Cubefree package

3.1 Installing the Cubefree package

The installation of the Cubefree package follows standard GAP rules, see also Chapter Installing a GAP Package in the GAP reference manual. So the standard method is to unpack the package into the pkg directory of your GAP distribution. This will create an cubefree subdirectory.

3.2 Loading the Cubefree package

To use the Cubefree Package you have to request it explicitly. This is done by calling LoadPackage like this:

gap> LoadPackage("Cubefree");
Loading Cubefree 1.16 ...

   - Construction Algorithm for Cubefree Groups, 1.16 -
   ---- Heiko Dietrich, heiko.dietrich@monash.edu -----

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September 2016