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A Version History

The following list summarises the most important changes between different versions of IRREDSOL.

Version 1.4
adds groups with 221 leqqn leq224 - 1 = 16,777,215, improved fingerprints for faster group recognition

Version 1.3.1
adds version history

Version 1.3
adds groups with 1,000,000 leqqn leq221 - 1 = 2,097,151, faster recognition, faster computation of block systems, fixes performance regression due to changes in GAP 4.8

Version 1.2.4
adds LICENSE file, copyright notice

Version 1.2.3
adds BSD license

Version 1.2.2
changes method name in accordance with GAP

Version 1.2.1
adds missing subgroup of GL(4,9), documents IsAvailableIrreducibleSolvableGroupData

Version 1.2.0
adds groups with 216 leqqn leq1,000,000, recognition of primitive permutation groups, adds missing groups in GL(6,5) and GL(8,3), changed web address

Version 1.1.2
changes package status to ``accepted''.

Version 1.1.1
omits resource fork files from distribution archive

Version 1.1
fixed bug reporting obviously wrong group ids.

Version 1.0.9
added recognition of irreducible but not absolutely irreducible groups, new fingerprint file format

Version 1.0.2
fixes wrong URL in PackageInfo.g

Version 1.0.1
status changed to ``deposited''

Version 1.0
first development version of IRREDSOL

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February 2017