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4 Installation

The Package Nilmat is a GAP code only package and requires no external binaries.

Once Nilmat is loaded, calls to the GAP functions IsNilpotent, IsNilpotentGroup, SylowSubgroup, and SylowSystem for subgroups of GL(n,q), and calls to IsNilpotent, IsNilpotentGroup, and IsFinite for subgroups of GL(n,Q), automatically switch to corresponding functions from Nilmat. Thus Nilmat should be disabled if one wishes to use the former GAP functions for matrix groups over GF(q) or Q.

For testing nilpotency and finiteness over Q, the GAP package Polenta is also required. Note that Nilmat does not use functions from Polenta which depend on KASH. Hence to use Nilmat, KASH installation is not required, and all Nilmat functions run under both Windows and Linux.

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Nilmat manual
September 2017