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A GAP4 Package
for constructing representations of finite groups  

Version 3.0.2

August 2011

Vahid Dabbaghian

Department of Mathematics,
Simon Fraser University,
Burnaby, British Columbia,
V5A 1S6 Canada.


© 2004 Vahid Dabbaghian.


The first version of this package was obtained during my Ph.D. studies at Carleton University. I would like to express deep gratitude to my supervisor Professor John D. Dixon whose guidance and support were crucial for the successful completion of this project. I also thank Professor Charles Wright and referees for pointing out some important comments to improve Repsn.

This documentation was prepared with the GAPDoc package by Frank Lübeck and Max Neunhöffer.


1 Introduction
2 Irreducible Representations
3 Reducible Representations

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