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Other Deposited Contributions for GAP 4

Over the years several pieces of code for GAP have been made available by users of GAP to other users. If you have written routines yourself that may be of use to other people, we encourage you to make them widely available, by sending them to us and perhaps also posting an announcement to the GAP Forum. If you want to keep your code on your own web site, please at least inform us and give us permission to link to it as undeposited contributions.

For packages see the separate pages, here we consider other contributions. You can find these in the gap4/deposit directory of the GAP distribution. This page lists the contents of this directory and its subdirectories.

The routines provided on this page are user contributions. While we will try to help where we can, we can neither guarantee usability or correctness, nor provide support for these files.

GAP language routines

  • CommSemi,
    CommSemi provides special algorithms for commutative semigroups using the RequirePackage interface. Extract this file into your pkg directory - no other setup is required. For support, contact the authors: Isabel Ara├║jo or Andrew Solomon. Further information on usage of CommSemi and other semigroups functionality in GAP can be found in the authors' "Tutorial - Computing with semigroups in GAP" which is available from

  • timers.g, README.timers
    A file containing two simple GAP routines useful for measuring the run-time of GAP operations which are too fast for the built-in methods of measurement.
    Steve Linton, May 2000.

  • latinsquares.g
    Collection of programs used in the paper 'Diagonal-complete latin squares'.
    O.Krafft, H.Pahlings, M.Schaefer (European J. of Combinatorics, 24 (2003), p.229-237), January 2003.

    Collection of programs used in the paper 'Counting Cases in Marching Cubes: Toward a Generic Algorithm for Producing Substitopes'.
    David Banks and Steve Linton, October 2003.

  • cliffordmatrices.g
    Collection of programs used in the paper 'The Character Table of 2_+^{1+22}.Co_2', Herbert Pahlings, to appear: J. Algebra.
    Herbert Pahlings, May 2007.

External programs and Interface routines


Note also that there are improved undeposited versions of the GAP mode for emacs:

For GAP editing modes for some other editors, see Where is the GAP file editor? How do I save GAP programs? from the GAP F.A.Q.