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GAP Packages

Since 1992, sets of user contributed programs, called packages, have been distributed with GAP. For convenience of the GAP users, the GAP Group redistributes packages, but the package authors remain responsible for their maintenance.

There is a designated and documented mechanism for loading packages into GAP including a smooth integration of the documentation into the GAP help system. (See this page for hints how to write your own package and the reference manual chapter about installing and loading packages.)

Some packages represent a piece of work equivalent to a sizeable mathematical publication. To acknowledge such work there has been a refereeing process for packages since 1996. See Submitting Contributions to GAP for more information on this. We call a package an accepted package (with GAP 3 the term share packages was used) when it was successfully refereed or already distributed with GAP before the refereeing process was started. All other packages distributed here and not in this category are called deposited packages, these may be submitted for refereeing or the authors may not want to submit them for various reasons.

This page lists current versions of GAP packages redistributed with GAP, and the page Manuals informs about presently available package manuals.

If you are interested to find GAP packages hosted on GitHub or BitBucket, please see this page.

If you are familiar with the previous GAP distributions, note that now we do not distribute a merged archive of all currently redistributed packages. All these packages are now included in the same archive with the core GAP system, adding a significant amount of functionality. Dependencies between packages are illustrated by the following graph. Each package is also available in a single archive which may be used e.g. for a later upgrading, though the recommended way to upgrade the system is just to reinstall it as explained on the upgrade page.

Also see Data Libraries, Deposited Contributions, and Undeposited Implementations.

Accepted Packages

Here is the current list of accepted packages. They are either redistributed by the GAP Group since before the refereeing process was setup, or they have been successfully refereed. The packages are sorted alphabetically, except for some data library packages, given in a separate list.

Follow the links to find brief descriptions of each package, as well as further information including download and installation instructions.

  • ACE  5.3 (12/02/2020) by G. Gamble, A. Hulpke, G. Havas, C. Ramsay, M. Horn
    Advanced Coset Enumerator
  • Alnuth  3.1.2 (28/01/2020) by B. Assmann, A. Distler, B. Eick
    Algebraic number theory and an interface to PARI/GP
  • ANUPQ  3.2.1 (18/04/2019) by G. Gamble, W. Nickel, E. O'Brien, M. Horn
    ANU p-Quotient
  • Automata  1.14 (26/09/2018) by M. Delgado, S. Linton, J. J. Morais
    A package on automata
  • AutomGrp  1.3.2 (30/09/2019) by Y. Muntyan, D. Savchuk
    Automata groups
  • AutPGrp  1.10.2 (28/01/2020) by B. Eick, M. Horn, E. O'Brien
    Computing the Automorphism Group of a p-Group
  • CaratInterface  2.3.3 (20/12/2019) by F. Gähler
    Interface to CARAT, a crystallographic groups package
  • Circle  1.6.3 (01/11/2019) by A. Konovalov, P. Soules
    Adjoint groups of finite rings
  • cohomolo  1.6.8 (07/07/2019) by D. Holt, The GAP Team
    Cohomology groups of finite groups on finite modules
  • Congruence  1.2.3 (19/05/2019) by A. Dooms, E. Jespers, A. Konovalov, H. Verrill
    Congruence subgroups of SL(2,Integers)
  • CoReLG  1.54 (17/01/2020) by H. Dietrich, P. Faccin, W. de Graaf
    Computing with real Lie algebras
  • CRIME  1.5 (11/10/2018) by M. Bishop, The GAP Team
    A GAP Package to Calculate Group Cohomology and Massey Products
  • CRISP  1.4.5 (07/11/2019) by B. Höfling
    Computing with Radicals, Injectors, Schunck classes and Projectors
  • Cryst  4.1.23 (10/12/2019) by B. Eick, F. Gähler, W. Nickel
    Computing with crystallographic groups
  • Cubefree  1.18 (30/09/2019) by H. Dietrich
    Constructing the Groups of a Given Cubefree Order
  • DESIGN  1.7 (18/03/2019) by L. H. Soicher
    The Design Package for GAP
  • DifSets  2.3.1 (14/09/2019) by D. Peifer
    an algorithm for enumerating all difference sets in a group
  • EDIM  1.3.5 (13/08/2019) by F. Lübeck
    Elementary Divisors of Integer Matrices
  • FactInt  1.6.3 (15/11/2019) by S. Kohl, A. Konovalov
    Advanced Methods for Factoring Integers
  • FGA  1.4.0 (23/03/2018) by C. Sievers
    Free Group Algorithms
  • FinInG  1.4.1 (31/03/2018) by J. Bamberg, A. Betten, J. De Beule, P. Cara, M. Lavrauw, M. Neunhoeffer
    Finite Incidence Geometry
  • FORMAT  1.4.3 (28/01/2020) by B. Eick, C. R. Wright, The GAP Team
    Computing with formations of finite solvable groups.
  • Forms  1.2.5 (27/09/2018) by J. Bamberg, J. De Beule
    Sesquilinear and Quadratic
  • FPLSA  1.2.4 (07/07/2019) by V. Gerdt, V. Kornyak, M. Horn
    Finitely Presented Lie Algebras
  • GAPDoc  1.6.4 (11/08/2020) by F. Lübeck, M. Neunhöffer
    A Meta Package for GAP Documentation
  • GBNP  1.0.3 (08/03/2016) by A. Cohen, J. Knopper
    computing Gröbner bases of noncommutative polynomials
  • GRAPE  4.8.3 (09/12/2019) by L. H. Soicher
    GRaph Algorithms using PErmutation groups
  • groupoids  1.68 (04/09/2019) by E. J. Moore, C. D. Wensley
    Calculations with finite groupoids and their homomorphisms
  • GrpConst  2.6.2 (28/01/2020) by H. U. Besche, B. Eick, M. Horn
    Constructing the Groups of a Given Order
  • GUAVA  3.15 (13/04/2019) by R. Baart, T. Boothby, J. Cramwinckel, J. Fields, D. Joyner, R. Miller, E. Minkes, E. Roijackers, L. Ruscio, C. Tjhai
    a GAP package for computing with error-correcting codes
  • HAP  1.29 (07/01/2021) by G. Ellis
    Homological Algebra Programming
  • idrel  2.43 (29/05/2019) by A. Heyworth, C. D. Wensley
    Identities among relations
  • IRREDSOL  1.4.1 (10/03/2020) by B. Höfling
    A library of irreducible soluble linear groups over finite fields and of finite primivite soluble groups
  • ITC  1.5 (13/06/2018) by V. Felsch, L. Hippe, J. Neubüser, The GAP Team
    Interactive Todd-Coxeter
  • kan  1.32 (16/07/2020) by A. Heyworth, C. Wensley
    including double coset rewriting systems
  • kbmag  1.5.9 (07/07/2019) by D. Holt, The GAP Team
    Knuth-Bendix on Monoids and Automatic Groups
  • LAGUNA  3.9.3 (19/05/2019) by V. Bovdi, A. Konovalov, R. Rossmanith, C. Schneider
    Lie AlGebras and UNits of group Algebras
  • LieAlgDB  2.2.1 (07/10/2019) by S. Cicalò, W. A. de Graaf, C. Schneider, The GAP Team
    A database of Lie algebras
  • LiePRing  1.9.2 (11/10/2018) by M. Vaughan-Lee, B. Eick
    Database and algorithms for Lie p-rings
  • LieRing  2.4.1 (23/02/2019) by S. Cicalò, W. A. de Graaf, The GAP Team
    Computing with finitely presented Lie rings
  • loops  3.4.1 (06/11/2018) by G. Nagy, P. Vojtěchovský
    Computing with quasigroups and loops in GAP
  • lpres  1.0.1 (14/11/2018) by R. Hartung, L. Bartholdi
    Nilpotent Quotients of L-Presented Groups
  • MapClass  1.4.4 (02/12/2018) by A. James, K. Magaard, S. Shpectorov, H. Volklein
    A Package For Mapping Class Orbit Computation
  • ModIsom  2.5.1 (28/01/2020) by B. Eick, A. Konovalov
    Computing automorphisms and checking isomorphisms for modular group algebras of finite p-groups
  • Nilmat  1.4 (09/02/2020) by A. Detinko, B. Eick, D. Flannery
    Computing with nilpotent matrix groups
  • NoCK  1.4 (22/10/2019) by M. Bocheński, P. Jastrzębski, A. Szczepkowska, A. Tralle, A. Woike
    NoCK-Package for computing obstruction for compact Clifford-Klein forms.
  • nq  2.5.4 (15/02/2019) by M. Horn, W. Nickel
    Nilpotent Quotients of Finitely Presented Groups
  • NumericalSgps  1.2.2 (03/03/2020) by M. Delgado, P. A. Garcia-Sanchez, J. Morais, C. Cisco, B. A. Heredia, J. I. García-García, S. Gutsche, A. Herrera-Poyatos, M. Horn, H. M. Cruz, N. Maugeri, C. J. M. Ávila, I. Ojeda, C. O'Neill, A. Sammartano, A. S. Navarro, K. Stokes, S. Francesco, G. Zito
    A package for numerical semigroups
  • OpenMath  11.5.0 (09/02/2020) by M. Costantini, A. Konovalov, M. Nicosia, A. Solomon
    OpenMath functionality in GAP
  • permut  2.0.3 (19/08/2018) by A. Ballester-Bolinches, E. Cosme-Llópez, R. Esteban-Romero
    A package to deal with permutability in finite groups
  • Polenta  1.3.9 (01/10/2019) by B. Assmann, M. Horn
    Polycyclic presentations for matrix groups
  • Polycyclic  2.16 (25/07/2020) by B. Eick, W. Nickel, M. Horn
    Computation with polycyclic groups
  • QuaGroup  1.8.2 (01/10/2019) by W. A. de Graaf, The GAP Team
    Computations with quantum groups
  • RadiRoot  2.8 (23/04/2018) by A. Distler, The GAP Team
    Roots of a Polynomial as Radicals
  • RCWA  4.6.4 (24/03/2019) by S. Kohl
    Residue-Class-Wise Affine Groups
  • RDS  1.7 (23/02/2019) by M. Roeder, The GAP Team
    A package for searching relative difference sets
  • Repsn  3.1.0 (22/02/2019) by V. Dabbaghian, The GAP Team
    Constructing representations of finite groups
  • SCSCP  2.3.1 (22/01/2020) by A. Konovalov, S. Linton
    Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol in GAP
  • SglPPow  2.1 (08/03/2018) by M. Vaughan-Lee, B. Eick
    Database of groups of prime-power order for some prime-powers
  • simpcomp  2.1.10 (03/06/2019) by F. Effenberger, J. Spreer
    A GAP toolbox for simplicial complexes
  • SLA  1.5.3 (15/11/2019) by W. A. de Graaf, The GAP Team
    Computing with simple Lie algebras
  • SONATA  2.9.1 (07/10/2018) by E. Aichinger, F. Binder, J. Ecker, P. Mayr, C. Nöbauer
    System of nearrings and their applications
  • Sophus  1.24 (09/04/2018) by C. Schneider, The GAP Team
    Computing in nilpotent Lie algebras
  • SymbCompCC  1.3.1 (27/09/2019) by D. Feichtenschlager, The GAP Team
    Computing with parametrised presentations for p-groups of fixed coclass
  • Toric  1.9.5 (07/10/2019) by D. Joyner, The GAP Team
    toric varieties and some combinatorial geometry computations
  • UnitLib  4.0.0 (01/05/2018) by A. Konovalov, E. Yakimenko
    Library of normalized unit groups of modular group algebras
  • Wedderga  4.10.0 (15/05/2020) by G. K. Bakshi, O. B. Cristo, A. Herman, A. Konovalov, S. Maheshwary, G. Olteanu, A. Olivieri, A. d. Rio, I. V. Gelder
    Wedderburn Decomposition of Group Algebras
  • XGAP  4.30 (16/04/2019) by F. Celler, M. Horn, M. Neunhöffer
    a graphical user interface for GAP
  • XMod  2.82 (23/10/2020) by C. Wensley, M. Alp, A. Odabas, E. O. Uslu
    Crossed Modules and Cat1-Groups

The following packages mainly contain and/or provide access to data libraries. These are either refereed and accepted packages or they were a part of the GAP library which is now separated into a package.

  • AClib  1.3.2 (28/01/2020) by K. Dekimpe, B. Eick
    Almost Crystallographic Groups - A Library and Algorithms
  • AtlasRep  2.1.0 (10/05/2019) by R. A. Wilson, R. A. Parker, S. Nickerson, J. N. Bray, T. Breuer
    A GAP Interface to the Atlas of Group Representations
  • CrystCat  1.1.9 (28/05/2019) by V. Felsch, F. Gähler
    The crystallographic groups catalog
  • CTblLib  1.3.1 (08/04/2020) by T. Breuer
    The GAP Character Table Library
  • PrimGrp  3.4.1 (05/05/2020) by A. Hulpke, A. Konovalov, C. M. Roney-Dougal, C. Russell
    GAP Primitive Permutation Groups Library
  • SmallGrp  1.4.2 (18/12/2020) by H. U. Besche, B. Eick, E. O'Brien, The GAP Team
    The GAP Small Groups Library
  • TomLib  1.2.9 (23/10/2019) by T. Merkwitz, L. Naughton, G. Pfeiffer
    The GAP Library of Tables of Marks
  • TransGrp  3.0 (01/08/2020) by A. Hulpke
    Transitive Groups Library

Deposited Packages

Some of the following packages may be refereed and moved into the section on accepted packages later, others will not be submitted for refereeing.

  • 4ti2Interface  2020.10-02 (16/10/2020) by S. Gutsche
    A link to 4ti2
  • AGT  0.2 (02/03/2020) by R. J. Evans
    Algebraic Graph Theory
  • AutoDoc  2020.08.11 (11/08/2020) by S. Gutsche, M. Horn, M. Barakat, M. Pfeiffer, Ø. Skartsæterhagen, C. Wensley, G. Whitney, F. Zickgraf
    Generate documentation from GAP source code
  • Browse  1.8.11 (28/08/2020) by T. Breuer, F. Lübeck
    browsing applications and ncurses interface
  • CAP  2020.10-01 (19/10/2020) by S. Gutsche, S. Posur, Ø. Skartsæterhagen
    Categories, Algorithms, Programming
  • CddInterface  2020.06.24 (24/06/2020) by K. Saleh
    Gap interface to Cdd package
  • crypting  0.10 (28/10/2019) by M. Pfeiffer, The GAP Team
    Hashes and Crypto in GAP
  • curlInterface  2.2.1 (03/04/2020) by C. Jefferson, M. Torpey
    Simple Web Access
  • cvec  2.7.4 (17/07/2019) by M. Neunhöffer, M. Horn
    Compact vectors over finite fields
  • datastructures  0.2.5 (11/11/2019) by M. Pfeiffer, M. Horn, C. Jefferson, S. Linton
    Collection of standard data structures for GAP
  • DeepThought  1.0.2 (13/09/2018) by N. Wagner, M. Horn
    This package provides functions for computations in finitely generated nilpotent groups based on the Deep Thought algorithm.
  • Digraphs  1.3.1 (27/11/2020) by J. De Beule, S. Burrell, R. Cirpons, L. Elliott, M. Horn, C. Jefferson, J. Jonusas, J. Mitchell, M. Pfeiffer, C. Russell, F. Smith, M. Torpey, M. Tsalakou, M. Whyte, W. A. Wilson
    Graphs, digraphs, and multidigraphs in GAP
  • Example  4.2.1 (09/12/2019) by W. Nickel, G. Gamble, A. Konovalov
    Example/Template of a GAP Package
  • ExamplesForHomalg  2020.10-02 (16/10/2020) by M. Barakat, S. Görtzen, M. Lange-Hegermann
    Examples for the GAP Package homalg
  • ferret  1.0.3 (27/05/2020) by C. Jefferson
    Backtrack Search in Permutation Groups
  • float  0.9.1 (14/06/2018) by L. Bartholdi
    Integration of mpfr, mpfi, mpc, fplll and cxsc in GAP
  • FR  2.4.6 (03/11/2018) by L. Bartholdi
    Computations with functionally recursive groups
  • Francy  1.2.4 (17/05/2019) by M. Martins
    Framework for Interactive Discrete Mathematics
  • fwtree  1.3 (28/01/2020) by B. Eick, T. Rossmann, The GAP Team
    Computing trees related to some pro-p-groups of finite width
  • Gauss  2020.10-02 (16/10/2020) by S. Görtzen, M. Barakat, S. Gutsche
    Extended Gauss functionality for GAP
  • GaussForHomalg  2020.10-02 (16/10/2020) by S. Görtzen, M. Barakat
    Gauss functionality for the homalg project
  • GeneralizedMorphismsForCAP  2020.10-01 (19/10/2020) by S. Gutsche, S. Posur
    Implementations of generalized morphisms for the CAP project
  • genss  1.6.6 (18/07/2018) by M. Neunhöffer, F. Noeske, M. Horn
    Generic Schreier-Sims
  • GradedModules  2020.10-02 (16/10/2020) by M. Barakat, S. Gutsche, S. Jambor, M. Lange-Hegermann, A. Lorenz, O. Motsak
    A homalg based package for the Abelian category of finitely presented graded modules over computable graded rings
  • GradedRingForHomalg  2020.10-02 (16/10/2020) by M. Barakat, S. Gutsche, M. Kirschmer, S. Jambor, M. Lange-Hegermann, D. Robertz
    Endow Commutative Rings with an Abelian Grading
  • Guarana  0.96.2 (15/11/2018) by B. Assmann, J. McDermott, The GAP Team
    Applications of Lie methods for computations with infinite polycyclic groups
  • HAPcryst  0.1.13 (10/02/2020) by M. Roeder, The GAP Team
    A HAP extension for crystallographic groups
  • hecke  1.5.3 (01/09/2019) by D. Traytel, The GAP Team
    Calculating decomposition matrices of Hecke algebras
  • HeLP  3.5 (20/12/2019) by A. Bächle, L. Margolis
    Hertweck-Luthar-Passi method.
  • homalg  2020.10-02 (16/10/2020) by M. Barakat, S. Gutsche, M. Lange-Hegermann
    A homological algebra meta-package for computable Abelian categories
  • HomalgToCAS  2020.10-02 (16/10/2020) by T. Bächler, M. Barakat, T. Breuer, S. Görtzen, S. Gutsche, F. Lübeck, V. Wagh
    A window to the outer world
  • images  1.3.0 (21/03/2019) by C. Jefferson, M. Pfeiffer, R. Waldecker, E. Jonauskyte
    Minimal and Canonical images
  • IntPic  0.2.4 (23/08/2019) by M. Delgado
    A package for drawing integers
  • IO  4.7.0 (17/07/2019) by M. Neunhöffer, M. Horn
    Bindings for low level C library I/O routines
  • IO_ForHomalg  2020.10-02 (16/10/2020) by T. Bächler, M. Barakat, S. Gutsche, M. Neunhöffer, D. Robertz
    IO capabilities for the homalg project
  • json  2.0.2 (03/04/2020) by C. Jefferson
    Reading and Writing JSON
  • JupyterKernel  1.3 (23/02/2019) by M. Pfeiffer, M. Martins, The GAP Team
    Jupyter kernel written in GAP
  • JupyterViz  1.5.1 (28/03/2019) by N. Carter
    Visualization Tools for Jupyter and the GAP REPL
  • LinearAlgebraForCAP  2020.10-01 (19/10/2020) by S. Gutsche, S. Posur
    Category of Matrices over a Field for CAP
  • LocalizeRingForHomalg  2020.10-02 (16/10/2020) by M. Barakat, M. Lange-Hegermann, V. Wagh
    A Package for Localization of Polynomial Rings
  • MajoranaAlgebras  1.4 (06/12/2018) by M. Pfeiffer, M. Whybrow
    A package for constructing Majorana algebras and representations
  • matgrp  0.64 (25/08/2020) by A. Hulpke
    Matric Group Interface Routines
  • MatricesForHomalg  2020.10-04 (24/10/2020) by M. Barakat, M. Lange-Hegermann, M. Leuner, V. Wagh
    Matrices for the homalg project
  • ModulePresentationsForCAP  2020.10-01 (19/10/2020) by S. Gutsche, S. Posur
    Category R-pres for CAP
  • Modules  2020.10-02 (16/10/2020) by T. Bächler, M. Barakat, F. Diebold, S. Gutsche, M. Lange-Hegermann, V. Wagh
    A homalg based package for the Abelian category of finitely presented modules over computable rings
  • MonoidalCategories  2020.10-01 (19/10/2020) by M. Barakat, S. Gutsche, S. Posur
    Monoidal and monoidal (co)closed categories
  • NConvex  2020.11-04 (04/11/2020) by K. Saleh, S. Gutsche
    A Gap package to perform polyhedral computations
  • NormalizInterface  1.1.0 (23/08/2019) by S. Gutsche, M. Horn, C. Söger
    GAP wrapper for Normaliz
  • orb  4.8.3 (03/09/2019) by J. Mueller, M. Neunhöffer, F. Noeske, M. Horn
    Methods to enumerate orbits
  • PackageManager  1.1 (14/10/2020) by M. Torpey
    Easily download and install GAP packages
  • PatternClass  2.4.2 (24/07/2018) by R. Hoffmann, S. Linton, M. Albert
    A permutation pattern class package
  • polymaking  0.8.2 (23/02/2019) by M. Roeder, The GAP Team
    Interfacing the geometry software polymake
  • profiling  2.3 (03/04/2020) by C. Jefferson
    Line by line profiling and code coverage for GAP
  • QPA  1.31 (09/09/2020) by E. Green, O. Solberg
    Quivers and Path Algebras
  • recog  1.3.2 (15/04/2018) by M. Neunhöffer, Á. Seress, N. Ankaralioglu, P. Brooksbank, F. Celler, S. Howe, M. Law, S. Linton, G. Malle, A. Niemeyer, E. O'Brien, C. M. Roney-Dougal, M. Horn
    A collection of group recognition methods
  • RepnDecomp  1.1.0 (15/02/2020) by K. Hymabaccus, D. Pasechnik
    Decompose representations of finite groups into irreducibles
  • ResClasses  4.7.2 (24/03/2019) by S. Kohl
    Set-Theoretic Computations with Residue Classes
  • RingsForHomalg  2020.11-01 (27/11/2020) by M. Barakat, S. Görtzen, M. Kirschmer, M. Lange-Hegermann, O. Motsak, M. Neunhöffer, D. Robertz, H. Schönemann, A. Steenpaß, V. Wagh
    Dictionaries of external rings
  • SCO  2020.10-02 (16/10/2020) by S. Görtzen, M. Barakat
    SCO - Simplicial Cohomology of Orbifolds
  • Semigroups  3.4.0 (28/08/2020) by J. Mitchell, S. Burrell, M. Delgado, J. East, A. Egri-Nagy, L. Elliott, N. Ham, M. Horn, C. Jefferson, J. Jonusas, D. V. Pasechnik, M. Pfeiffer, C. Russell, B. Steinberg, F. Smith, J. Smith, M. Torpey, M. Whyte, W. Wilson
    A package for semigroups and monoids
  • SgpViz  0.999.4 (29/10/2018) by M. Delgado, J. Morais
    A package for semigroup visualization
  • singular  2020.12.18 (18/12/2020) by M. Costantini, W. A. de Graaf, The GAP Team
    A GAP interface to Singular
  • Smallsemi  0.6.12 (16/08/2019) by A. Distler, J. Mitchell
    A library of small semigroups
  • SpinSym  1.5.2 (01/10/2019) by L. Maas, The GAP Team
    Brauer tables of spin-symmetric groups
  • Thelma  1.02 (06/02/2019) by V. Bovdi, V. Laver
    A package on threshold elements
  • ToolsForHomalg  2020.10-03 (22/10/2020) by M. Barakat, S. Gutsche, M. Lange-Hegermann
    Special methods and knowledge propagation tools
  • ToricVarieties  2021.01.12 (12/01/2021) by S. Gutsche, M. Bies
    A package to handle toric varieties
  • Unipot  1.4 (09/04/2018) by S. Haller, M. Horn
    Computing with elements of unipotent subgroups of Chevalley groups
  • utils  0.69 (29/11/2019) by S. Gutsche, M. Horn, A. Hulpke, S. Kohl, F. Lübeck, C. Wensley
    Utility functions in GAP
  • uuid  0.6 (22/09/2018) by M. Pfeiffer
    RFC 4122 UUIDs
  • walrus  0.999 (19/12/2019) by M. Pfeiffer
    A new approach to proving hyperbolicity
  • XModAlg  1.18 (17/11/2020) by Z. Arvasi, A. Odabas
    Crossed Modules and Cat1-Algebras
  • YangBaxter  0.9.0 (08/11/2019) by L. Vendramin, A. Konovalov
    Combinatorial Solutions for the Yang-Baxter equation
  • ZeroMQInterface  0.12 (01/11/2019) by M. Pfeiffer, R. Behrends, The GAP Team
    ZeroMQ bindings for GAP

No longer redistributed with GAP or renamed:

  • Carat - this package has been renamed to CaratInterface.
  • Citrus - this package has been renamed to Semigroups.
  • Convex - this package has been superseded by NConvex.
  • Gpd - this package has been renamed to groupoids.
  • HAPprime - part of the code has been incorporated into the HAP package. Its source code repository, containing the code of the last distributed version, can still be found on GitHub here.
  • if - this package has been withdrawn; a better functionality is now included in the newer package SCSCP.
  • LAG - the functionality of this package is now included in the newer package LAGUNA.
  • linboxing - this package has been unusable (it does not compile) for several years preceding GAP 4.10 release, and is unmaintained. It was therefore dropped from the GAP package distribution. If anybody is willing to take over and fix the package, the latest sources are available here.
  • MONOID - the functionality of this package is now included in the newer package Semigroups.
  • NQL - this package has been withdrawn by the author, and later has been superseded by the package lpres.
  • ParGAP is no longer redistributed with GAP because it no longer can be compiled with GAP 4.9 (see this announcement). Its source code repository, containing the code of the last distributed version, plus some first fixes needed for compatibility for GAP 4.9, can still be found on GitHub here. If somebody is interested in repairing this package and taking over its maintenance, so that it can be distributed again, please contact the GAP team.
  • PolymakeInterface - this package has been withdrawn.
  • QaoS is no longer redistributed with GAP because the servers it crucially relies on for its functionality have been permanently retired (see this announcement). Its source code repository, containing the code of the last distributed version, can still be found on GitHub here. If somebody is interested in repairing this package and taking over its maintenance, so that it can be distributed again, please contact the GAP team.
  • recogbase - this package has been merged into the recog package, and therefore is no longer distributed with GAP.