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GAP 4.4.12 was the last release of GAP 4.4. It was replaced by GAP 4.5 in June 2012.

For Unix or macOS, use the .tar.gz, .tar.bz2 or .zoo archive. For Windows, use the archive which also contains Windows binaries for GAP and some packages.

The following archives are available:

There was another small archive, tools4r4p12[.zoo (552kB)] [.tar.gz (480kB)] [.tar.bz2 (408kB)] [ (536kB)] which contained some utilities mainly for package authors (preparing documentation and archives, etc.).

For the users of Internet Explorer, there was also an optional archive htmie4r4p12[.zoo (1.3MB)] [.tar.gz (1.1MB)] [.tar.bz2 (804kB)] [ (1.3MB)] to replace the HTML version of the manual we supplied in the main archive with a version that rendered mathematical symbols better under Internet Explorer.