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Welcome to the homepage of the Ukrainian GAP User Group !

GAP (Groups, Algorithms and Programming) is free, open and extensible computer algebra system for computations in the field of abstract algebra.

Ukrainian GAP user group was created in August 2001 by the initiative of mathematicians from Kiev, Lviv and Zaporozhye Universities (Ukraine) and Debrecen University (Hungary). In 2003 it was joined by Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and Lugansk Pedagogical University, in 2006 by Sumy State University. The group was organised with the aim of joint activity in the following main directions: new software development using the GAP system,GAP advocacy and distribution in Ukraine and surrounding region, technical support of GAP users and exchange of scientific information.

To support these goals, we established this homepage. You could see its structure from the links on the left side, and all materials following this links are in Russian. Here we publish GAP-related news, introductory and teaching materials about GAP, links to GAP resources and other useful information, including announcements of new conferences in algebra.

Some of our projects are listed below:
  • New software development using the GAP system:
  • Technical support of GAP users:
    • On-line consultations at konovalov <at> member <dot> ams <dot> org
  • Exchange of scientific information:
    • Publication of news and other materials on our homepage
To contact us, please write to Dr. Alexander Konovalov:
konovalov <at> member <dot> ams <dot> org

Last updated: 16 February 2009