> < ^ Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2000 14:48:28 +0200
> < ^ From: Laurent Bartholdi <Laurent.Bartholdi@math.unige.ch >
> ^ Subject: Jennings algebra

dear forum,
either i'm really daft, or there's a problem with:

gap> G := SylowSubgroup(SymmetricGroup(10),2);;
gap> L := JenningsLieAlgebra(G);
Error, no method found! For debugging hints type ?Recovery from NoMethodFound
Error no 1st choice method found for `ExtRepOfObj' on 1 arguments at
Error( no_method_found );
ExtRepOfObj( c ) called from
<function>( <arguments> ) called from read-eval-loop
Entering break read-eval-print loop, you can 'quit;' to quit to outer loop,
or you can return to continue

probably SylowSubgroup should set a flag saying the group considered is a

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