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To GAP-Forum and Mario,

On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Mario Pineda wrote:
> Hello Gap-Forum
> Few days ago I downloaded GAP 4r2 for unix . I wold like to install in
> IRIX 6.4 system. The manual say that for this installation I need special
> instrucctions to compile GAP.
> Can anybody tell me how to compile this to 64 bits in IRIX system?

The short answer is with: cc -64
... but please take a liitle while longer and read the long answer.

The following works for me on an IRIX 6.5 system. (The hints for 3), 4), 5)
I obtained from Steve Linton.)

1) First you need to download gap4r2.zoo and do:

unzoo -x -o gap4r2.zoo

in the directory you want the gap4r2 tree to appear. Presumably,
you've done this.

2) Next you need to download fix4r2n1.zoo either from:


or from your local mirror, into your newly created gap4r2
directory and do:

cd gap4r2
unzoo -x -o fix4r2n1.zoo

3) There are a few extra patches that will probably be in
fix4r2n2.zoo when it is ready, which fix some problems that
occur with the ParGAP/MPI share package. For now, grab those
patches from:


(and download into your gap4r2 directory ... if you get a `File Not
Found' response, wait half an hour and try again ... it takes a little
while for files to be copied to our external web server). Then do
(still in the gap4r2 directory):

tar zxvf iosupd.tgz

4) You are now almost ready to compile. To compile a 64 bit version
you will need to use the native IRIX cc with option -64.
The obvious way of doing this used not to work ... perhaps
these problems have been fixed, but the following strategy
does work. Do:

a) Create a program cc-64 with the following 2 lines:

cc -64 $*

b) Make it executable:

chmod +x cc-64

c) Ensure cc-64 is in your path e.g. have cc-64 in the
current directory (should still be gap4r2)
and ensure . is in your path, put it in your personal bin
directory and (assuming that's in your path) source your .cshrc
... if that doesn't make sense to you, email me back.

5) Now compile GAP. In the gap4r2 directory do:

setenv CC cc-64

... you should get a *lot* of warning messages, but no errors.

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