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Dear Forum,
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I might have two (!) answers for Mr Donaghy's request; both are programs
written in Maple. They calculate the ring of invariants of a finite
linear group defined over K=Q . In other words, the group acts on the
indeterminates of a purely transcendental extension of K by linear
transformations. "Calculate" means that they calculate a Cohen-Macaulay
basis for the ring of invariants.

The first program has been written by Janet McShane together with
Larry Grove, whom Herr Neubueser already mentioned in his reply (email

The second one is by me. It has been published in the Maple Share
Library and can be obtained by anonymous ftp on
neptune.inf.ethz.ch (,
but also directly from me by email. In my program you can also take an
algebraic number field for K, and it can calculate syzygies between the
generating invariants.

Hope I won't get kicked out of the forum for advertising Maple programs!

Gregor Kemper

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