> < ^ Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 11:22:00 +0100 (MET)
> < ^ From: Frank Celler <frank.celler@math.rwth-aachen.de >
> ^ Subject: XGAP 1 Release 3

Dear GAP Forum,

a new version of XGAP is available from our ftp server.

What's new in this version? Basically everything mentioned under "What
is XGAP?" below plus a manual, which can either be printed as stand
alone version or as part of the GAP manual, details on how to print
the manual can be found in the file "gap3r4p2/pkg/xgap/INSTALL.x11"
contained in the archive "xgap1r3.zoo". The stand alone manual is also
avaiable via ftp.

best wishes

What is XGAP?

XGAP is a graphical user interface for GAP, it extends the GAP library
with functions dealing with graphic sheets and objects. Using these
functions it also supplies a graphical interface for investigating the
subgroup lattice of a group, giving you easy access to the low index
subgroups, prime quotient and Reidemeister-Schreier algorithms and
many other GAP functions for groups and subgroups. At the moment the
only supported window system is X-Windows X11R5 (and higher), however,
programs using the XGAP library functions will run on other platforms
as soon as XGAP is available on these. We plan to release a Windows
3.11 or Windows 95 version in the near future.

I was told that XGAP will also run under SUN's OpenWindows. It
doesn't however compile under OpenWindows. If any OpenWindow guru can
fix this, please send me a patch.

Where to get XGAP?

You can get XGAP from "ftp.math.rwth-aachen.de", the source code and
binaries are in the directory "/pub/incoming":

xgap1r3.zoo (333912 Bytes) - this archive contains the C source code
and the GAP library files necessary to compile and run XGAP.

xgap1r3-dvi.zoo (44696 Bytes) - this archive contains the DVI file
of the manual.

xgap1r3-dec-alpha-osf1-x11r5.zoo (820751 Bytes) - this archive
contains the executable for a DECalpha running OSF1 and X11R5.

xgap1r3-dec-mips-ultrix42-x11r5.zoo (434616 Bytes) - this archive
contains the executable for a DECstation running Ultrix 4.2 and

xgap1r3-hp-hppa1.1-hpux9-x11r5.zoo (410380 Bytes) - this archive
    contains the executable for a HP9000/700 running HPUX9 and

xgap1r3-sun-sparc-sunos412-x11r5.zoo (464671 Bytes) - this archive
contains the executable for a SUN SPARCstation running SunOS
4.1.2 and X11R5, I assume that it also works under OpenWindows,
any feedback welcome.

How to compile XGAP?

Instructions can be found in the file "gap3r4p?/pkg/xgap/INSTALL.x11".
You need at least a CC compiler, X11R5 & Athena Widgets, and a running
version of GAP 3.4.

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