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will that package run under windows 2000?
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Betreff: A correction for the package "CrystCat"

Dear Forum members,

the GAP package "CrystCat" consists of a collection of functions
which make available the lists of two-, three-, and four-dimensional
crystallographic groups that are given in the book

Brown, H., Buelow, R., Neubueser, J., Wondratschek, H., and
Zassenhaus, H.: Crystallographic Groups of Four-Dimensional Space.
Wiley, New York, 1978.

Recently, Bernd Souvignier has discovered an error in this book:
On page 118, in the tabulation of enantiomorphic space-group types,
it is wrongly claimed that the (affine) four-dimensional space-group
type 08/01/01/002 splits into an enantiomorphic pair of (proper)
space-group types. This is indicated by an asterisk preceding the
space-group number. This asterisk has to be removed. As a
consequence, the number of four-dimensional space-group types
splitting into enantiomorphic pairs (given on page 11 and on page 52
of the book) reduces from 112 to 111.

An erratum has been submitted to Acta Cryst..

The only implication of this correction for the GAP package "CrystCat"
is that the output of the function

DisplaySpaceGroupType( 4, 8, 1, 1, 2 );

has to change from

#I    *Space-group type (4,8,1,1,2); orbit size 2; fp-free


#I     Space-group type (4,8,1,1,2); orbit size 2; fp-free

This will be fixed in the next release.

Joachim Neubueser and Volkmar Felsch

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