> < ^ Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 14:38:49 +0200
< ^ From: Gerhard Hiss <gerhard.hiss@math.rwth-aachen.de >
^ Subject: QuaGroup

Dear GAP Forum members,

the GAP 4 package QuaGroup by Willem de Graaf has now been certified as
"accepted" after going through the package refereeing process. The package
can be obtained from the web site


"QuaGroups" stands for Quantum Groups, and the latter for quantized enveloping
algebras of semisimple Lie algebras. Features of the package include construction
of Poincare-Birkhoff-Witt-type bases, construction of irreducible modules and
construction of elements of canonical bases.

The package was announced and put into deposit on May 29, 2002, and I should
like to ask Willem to accept my apologies for the long refereeing process.

Best wishes,


Gerhard Hiss, Lehrstuhl D fuer Mathematik, RWTH Aachen, 52056 Aachen
Tel.: (+49) (0) 241 / 80-94543

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